Fixing Forward

Another beautiful day in North Iowa happened again which brought on all the more pleasant thoughts and words from people I encountered.  Isn’t it amazing how long sunlit-days and warms temperatures can bring out the best in most.

Early this morning I received a call from a well-known I speak with on occasion who happens to live out of State.  I was happy to hear all was well on her side of the fence with her moving forward regarding some recent life changes. Since we’ve know each other for many years, it’s easy for us to speak freely about nearly everything.

I shared with her a nasty message I received from an individual who’s been working very hard at getting attention in sick sort of ways.  We both agreed that she’s a classic example of morphic resonance to where the older she gets, the more she’s acting like one of her deceased relatives.

What amazes me, is how some become just like those that’ve gone before them and don’t realize and/or acknowledge they’re following similar dark paths, and especially when they personally knew of those nasty characteristics before they moved on to their happy hunting grounds.  To look like a relative is one thing, but to think and act like one is morphic resonance in action.

Some have made the excuses that they’re the way they are and incapable of change because it’s in their genes, but that’s just an excuse as far as I’m concerned.  How I is see it, is if you’ve been told more than once you’ve taken on the personality of a blood relative, I’d say the first thing you must do is to recognize it, and then work diligently at changing it because if it’s not, it’ll get passed right on down the line within your family’s bloodline.  I’m naming that the “fixing forward” of bad traits.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would recognize their faults and correct them before they have children just so they don’t pass their issues on to their offspring?

I didn’t have any showings today, but certainly kept myself busied with files on closings that’ll be taking place before the end of the month.  As I told one of the loan officers today, “I’d much rather be ahead of the game than behind when it comes to preparing for future closings, because every time there’s something being done by another in the last day or two that could upset the timing, I start getting a little “issy”.

This coming Sunday morning I’ll be playing for St. Paul Lutheran Church here in Mason City, so I made sure to stop over to their office yesterday and pick up the hymns they want played.  Oh Mercy!  When I looked at one of the unfamiliar ones, I was just about to hand it back while stepping away because of its key signature.  After a deep breath and short pause I looked at the secretary and said, “Well, I’m reminding myself once again that we’re all put on this earth to learn, so learn I will.”  I can’t remember if I’ve ever played a hymn or song in the key of F minor.

Very early this morning I was going over it with my right hand so I could at least get halfway comfortable with it before even thinking about the left hand.  Once in a while my left hand would creep up to the keys and then I’d be forced to snap at it saying, “You get back down and stay there until I tell you it’s time for your exercise!”   For sure it’s been years since I’ve been stumped by a piece of music where I’d be forced to learn the right hand first, but in the end it was all good because I think I was getting it down pat faster by leaning it in that fashion.

By forcing myself to keep my left hand down, I was reminded how co-dependent our right and left hands really are.  For sure nearly all of us take the interaction between the two for granted, but soon discover a big difference when being forced to use only one in situations where both are normally used.  A good experiment with yourselves would be to have one of your hands tied behind your backs for several hours, and then see for yourselves how annoying it becomes.  That particular experiment would give you just one example of how our brains keep our biological “machines” working.

Now that Friday is fast approaching, I’d say I’ve been having a productive week while  remaining hopeful it’ll continue on into the weekend. Now don’t forget to hang your flags out tomorrow because it’s Flag Day.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The weak can never forgive because forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Joe Chodur

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    For sure, if you are talking to your hands, that is not a good sign. Let me know if you start to lose arguments to them, I know a quick fix!!