Goat’s Milk

It was somewhat of a surprise to find rain today since our weather forecast wasn’t calling for any.  It’s looking like our lawnmowers are going to be getting a good workout this season.  At least it wasn’t a cloudburst like so many have been already this year, and the amount we’ve already received has been confirmed by our water table being higher than normal which why we’re still seeing sump pumps spewing water at our City’s curbsides.

I arrived at the office quite a bit earlier than normal just so I could get all of last month’s accounting and bill paying finished up.  My next little project was to take time and go thru all the mailings I’d received these past months.  I’m certainly not alone when complaining about all the advertisements and various charities begging for donations because between the phone, fax, and mail solicitations, it’s no surprise people are trying to find ways they can get it stopped.  Whomever said our world is getting better at going green, hasn’t looked at the amount of printed matter a given business and/or household receives on a monthly basis.  Can you imagine how many trees have given up their lives for that useless crap?

My mid-morning appointment was with some sellers who needed to stop by and sign some documents so I could notarize them.  Since they just closed on an acreage they purchased, I had a delightful conversation regarding their plans for it. I kiddingly told them I was envious, but not jealous because of where it’s situated because it just so happens to border on the banks of the Shell Rock River.  I was hinting around that if they should catch any fish they don’t want, to give me a call.  I went on to say that even if they be a carp or two, I’d take them as long as they’re not caught during the warm months because they don’t taste the best during that time of year.

They also went on to say the previous owner left some young chickens for them to finish raising.  I asked what kind they were and they said there were two different breeds consisting of Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons.  Oh how the memories of raising chickens came rushing back while we were talking about them.  I did mention how much more they’ll have to be vigilant in keeping the varmints at bay since we have all the more chicken killers in North Iowa since our family raised chickens.

The wife mentioned how much she wants a goat, and of course I had to tell her a few of my goat stories which got a few laughs.  I agreed how much fun they are, but was sure to insist, they will eat just about ANYTHING.  I did tell them that my favorite breed of goats are the Alpines because they don’t seem to get into as much trouble as the other breeds, and are far better milkers.  I forgot to mention how all the many more people are getting into making soap from goat’s milk which is supposed to be really good for those with sensitive skin.  Perhaps they’ll start their own kitchen industry making goat cheese or soap.

I spent some time today working on several closings of mine which will be happening  the end of this week and the first of next.  I believe everything is moving right on track which should create a soft landing for both of them.  I’m going to very much miss one of the couples who’re moving to the Des Moines area, and for sure remind them again to send back equally good people.

I’m going to stay hopeful a showing I have tomorrow afternoon is going to be a good fit for a young couple I’ve been working with these past months.  Judging by what they’ve already seen, I’d say for the price, the one I’ll be showing them will be about as good as it gets unless there’s something better coming on the market in the near future.

I had a call on Prairie Place this afternoon, and after giving them the highlights, they seemed interested enough to where they’ll be giving me a call to look at the remaining units this weekend.  Let’s hope the weather isn’t going to be like today’s because gray skies and rain isn’t good at lifting moods when looking at homes.

I am scheduling another public open house on Prairie Place towards the end of this month which I’m hoping will get a few more of them sold.  I did notice that the Kinseth Group listed some condos out on the west side of our City, but they certainly don’t compete with Prairie Place because they happen to be two story with no elevator.  Good luck to them because I’ve always been wary of possible sub-soil movement that sometimes takes place near the banks of those old clay pits.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Every man can tell how many goats or sheep he possesses, but never how many true friends.

Joe Chodur

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