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Oh Mercy!  The temps certainly went a-climbing to the point where it was over 90 degrees in the Downtown this afternoon.  I’m sure there were a few suffering from such a drastic increase in less that 24 hours.  It was a bit coincidental this happened today when I just read an article late this afternoon that spoke about all the more Americans now realizing that climate change is real, and mostly due to the heavier flooding and more frequent violent storms our country has been suffering thru these recent years.  I just hope we can somehow curb this downward spiraling because I have no clue where it could possibly take us.

One of my showings today was at 24 – 11th St. NE here in Mason City which is one heck of a well built home for someone looking for extra space for a growing family.  Today’s prospective buyers have the need, but they’ve not yet got themselves pre-approved for financing which is certainly a must in these times.  They seemed interested, so I made sure to tell them to get with a bank and find out it they’re financially able to purchase a home.

Several buyers I’ve been working with had a second look at one of my listings today and interested enough to where I think we’ll be putting together an offer package.  You can be certain I made sure they were up to speed with all the good points and bad, because I prefer buyers with eyes wide-open when looking and subsequently buying.  I’ve heard too many horror stories from buyers that weren’t fully informed before they purchased.

I may have told this story once before, but many years ago I was asked to list a home in one of the districts of our City that has always had chronic water problems.  When I arrived at the home, the sellers gave me the grand tour, and when we went to the basement, I was shocked to find part of a wall removed that was erected by the previous owner which was dry-walled and painted.  When I walked over to inspect that wall, I could see behind that section he tore out, the entire long wall was bowing inward to a degree where I was actually fearful of it caving in at any moment.

Even all the more sad, was the story the owners told about how they were informed by the owner thru their Realtor that the foundation was good and those recent walls were erected for the “cosmetic” reason being, that someone would use that basement as a rec room.

Well, I listed it and tried to sell it with those bulging walls, but rightly so, not one buyer was even passingly interested in a home with basement walls looking like that.  After many months had passed, the sellers finally decided to give their home back to the bank and go back to renting. A bad beginning turned into an even worse ending for them.

It really made me angry with those sellers for taking advantage of such a nice young couple with two delightful children.  And what made me all the more crazy at that time, was trying to get my brain wrapped around that seller thinking it was just OK to conceal such costly defects and able to sleep at night. And to think they set themselves out to the public as being exceptionally religious.  Since they’re both dead now, I’m wondering if they’re shoveling coal or playing harps. I’ll be placing my bets on the shovels.

Later this afternoon I had to meet some Alliant workers out at a property to change out gas meters and a regulator.  Since I had to wait there for them until they were done so they could re-light a water heater and stove pilot lights, I figured I’d have a good-ole chat with them while they were working.

Since I had a few witty stories to tell, they got a few laughs while diligently working on such a hot afternoon.  I figured I did my paying forward with making three young gentlemen’s day a little lighter.  For sure we all, and that includes me, must work at looking for or creating those kernels of joy in this all the more cold and calculating world in which we live.  Isn’t it the doctor’s orders for us to get at least one good non-GMO healthy/hearty laugh a day?  I think I’m turning into the likes of Rodney Dangerfield when making jokes about my immediate family which usually start off with something like, “I have a sister that hates me so much that…”, and then comes the final punchline. “I almost bled to death from all of the pin pricks I got when pulling that voodoo doll she sent me out of its mailer.”  And just remember, it ain’t easy being me.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The little person is still a person.

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