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It seems every time we have a Monday off, the days of the week get all mixed up to where we’ve had to keep reminding ourselves that today is Wednesday and not Tuesday.   This usually goes on the entire week until a normal weekend comes and goes which gets us back on track with our work days.

My day went quickly by with phone calls and emails that had to be answered, along with getting a closing file started for one of the Prairie Place on 1st condos that just sold. Yeah!  We are now down into a single digit number of units remaining to be sold.  There is now officially only 9 units left, and I hope my prophecy will be fulfilled when having insisted that once we’d get under the number10, the remaining would go quickly.

I ran into one of my old schoolmates at Fareway this morning while I was grabbing a box of kitchen garbage bags.  In spite of her being several years older than me, I always remembered her because of how much she’s always reminded me of my now deceased sister.  She even possess a similar outlook and personality as my sister’s, and when the subject of our local rag of a newspaper came up, she had some very cutting words to say about their inability to provide us with unbiased reporting.  Hearing how intense her delivery was, I felt like I was standing there listening to my dear sister, because she was also one who insisted on real truth and fairness.

Not too many weeks ago, I ran across a Christmas song book that my then living sister sent to me about 10 years before she passed which was from another country and filled with exactly 55 Christmas songs.  On the inside cover she had written, “I thought you’d like this, and I hope you can learn a few of them before my next visit. With Love…”

Because she was one of my kindred spirits, I decided to set aside some time over the course of a week or two and familiarize myself with all 55 of them on my piano.  Believe it or not, after struggling with them on-and-off those weeks, I was able to sit down and play from cover to cover, each and every one of them.  After playing the last line of its 55th song, I raised my eyes and quietly whispered to her, “I hope you enjoyed listening to them.”

It looks like I’m going to have a busy weekend ahead with showings I already have scheduled.  I’ve worked with both parties before which makes it easier to schedule because I now know how much time they usually take in each home.

My new listing at 215 – 3rd St. NW already had a showing on it today.  I’m confident it’ll sell quickly because of its price and condition.  Anyone looking for an inexpensive place to live, ought to be jumping on that one.  I noticed that in spite its basement being of stone, there wasn’t any visible seepage from all the heavy rains we’ve been getting.

Before calling it quits for the day, I decided to call my dear aunt and ask if I could stop for a quick chat.  When I pulled up, she was right there at the front door waiting for me. She wasn’t as perky as normal, so I asked if anything was troubling her.  She mentioned how little sleep she got last night, and likely due to some troubling things she’d recently read, and then after getting her settled down, I gave her a gentle hug and said, “We can’t change the wicked words and actions of others, so we just have to consider their sources and move forward.”  After today’s conversation, I’m convinced we’ll be growing all the more close.

Last week while I was there, she asked if I would verify some dates on some family information she’d been keeping regarding the birth and death dates of our blood relatives.  Of course I agreed, and on Monday, I compared what I had to hers, and found about four or five errors on her list, so I penciled in those changes.  She couldn’t have been more thankful today for doing that for her.  She will likely never realize how special she is to me, as well as feeling blessed for being able to have a normal conversation with one of my living and breathing old ones.

I just now remembered how a client/customer of mine got me laughing when speaking about a very naughty monkey when saying, “Be careful whenever around her, because she’s good at laying a rope on your shoulder.”  Of course I had to add to it by saying, “Does she ask what knot you’d like?”  What a clever play on words!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Character is formed in the stormy billows of the world.

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