Such Vulgar Language

The first order of my day was to meet with my new advertising rep from the Globe Gazette whom I hadn’t met until today.  We had a relatively good meeting, and I’m going to stay hopeful that this time around, I’ll have someone who’s more concerned about helping my office grow its business rather than just thoughtlessly pushing me to spend more advertising dollars.

What I think shocked her a little was when I said, “I have absolutely no problem spending money on advertising, but the bigger problem I have, is throwing money away on ads that give absolutely no results, and then left feeling I just threw more hard earned money down a rat hole.”  After those words, I believe she realized I’m only looking for avenues of advertising that will show results.

I did decide on several options we discussed, so we’ll see where it goes these coming months.  I’m always willing to give something new a try, but if it doesn’t work, you can be sure I’ll be turning the financial “faucet” off.

Could you believe how cold it was today?  I’m glad I dressed all the warmer this morning because that wind was biting. I had to laugh at a receptionist when she said, “Oh, isn’t it a beautiful day?”  I looked at her and said, “Did you not realize how cold that wind was when you came to work?”  She actually seemed surprised by my words, which meant she must’ve been out of the wind when walking from her car to their front door. For sure, when she left for lunch, she got a good dose of it.

The rest of my day was spent working on files of recent office sales along with making calls to several contractors who’ve been putting me off on getting some much needed work done now that our weather’s warming.  Oh, if they only knew how much I despise listening to their lame excuses.  While on the phone with one of them I said in frustration, “Words are cheap, and actions speak.”  It’s no wonder we have so many elderly in North Iowa that are willing to pay to have improvements made on their homes, but the number of horror stories they’re hearing from friends and family, are keeping them from actively looking for fairly priced and responsible contractors.

I was shocked to hear about a portion of Mohawk Square’s roof collapsing yesterday.  I can only imagine the nightmares those owners and office workers are going thru.  It’ll be interesting to hear what actually caused it.  From what I heard, was that one of the roof drains was either plugged or failed.  It sort of creeped me out when remembering that not but two days ago I was writing about the strength of water.

While I was driving back from the east side of our City on Hwy 122, I happened to be behind a newish SUV.  Since I was following it, I couldn’t help but notice some writing, along with several female caricatures on its back window.  When I read what it said, and then looked at those figures, I shook my head in disgust.   I’ll tell you “sort of” what was written which was, “If you’re gonna ride my A double S, you should at least be pulling my hair.”

I have no clue what gives semi-intelligent human beings the incentive to have such vulgar language on their vehicles. I hope that woman could see the disgusting look on my face in her rearview mirror, along with my head shaking in rejection of such trash.

Seeing that today, was but one more example of how far too many of our citizens possess little or no sense of decorum.  I could see some college frat passing around a printed joke like that at a private party, but not having it in our faces on a curb-service mattress that’s cruising around our City in broad daylight.  And don’t get me started on those dirty-minded metal “scrotums” we see dangling from the rear bumpers of pickup trucks.  If and when an opportunity should arise, I’ll likely say to one of those pickup owners, “Are you trying to make some sort of wishful thinking statement about your weak endowments?”  Oh well, we must continue to tell ourselves, “God loves us all great and small.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  I can’t stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or vulgar action.

Joe Chodur

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