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In spite of dressing lighter today, I still haven’t acclimated myself to this sudden heat wave.  I actually had the air conditioning on in my car while out driving today because it was not only hot, but also humid.  I really wish it wouldn’t transition so quickly like this because going from cold to hot nearly over-night, isn’t good for man or beast.

With my morning being somewhat free, I went out and took some new photos of a home that just recently had some landscaping work done.  With our real estate marketing turning all the more digital, it’s best for the world to see the absolute best that can be presented. I’m sure the owners will appreciate seeing online, their yard appearing calendar perfect.

One of my old clients who’s become somewhat of a sounding board for me, stopped by today to tell me she’s now retired and enjoying every moment of it.  Without a doubt, she appeared at least ten years younger than she looked back when on a payroll.

I went on to tell her that most people in stressful jobs don’t realize how much day-to-day pressures affect a person’s over-all health and well being.  Believe me, she was in a very stressful position for a number of years and now delighted those millstones have been permanently lifted.

Since she’s one of those who’s been thoroughly educated in the field of human behavior, I brought up the subject of my recent thoughts about a handful of people whom I’ve crossed paths with on numerous occasions over a great many years, and now finding I really don’t want to have anything to do with them because of some of the hurtful things they’ve allowed to happen to others, and nearly always because they remained silent.

Before she gave me her thoughts, I went on to say how I’ve come to believe they’ve sinned great sins by allowing acedia to darken their souls, and now that I’m convinced they’ve created all the more darkness for others by remaining reticent, I’m now, and forevermore, taking the position of indifference towards them, and being completely Ok with it.

She thought a few moments, and then said, “Do you hold any grudges or ill-will towards them?”  My immediate answer was, “I hold nothing against them because I’ve continued to internally forgive them and wish them well, while ethereally pushing them as far away from me as possible.”

“So you even wish the best for them?” she asked.  I went on to clarify my thoughts and beliefs so that she wouldn’t think this is something new, because it’s always been there, but I’ve never stepped back far enough to see the whole picture, especially how their like can infect others to the point where you almost feel a part of it.

Her soft-spoken response was, “I believe the reason you asked my opinion on this situation, is only for confirmation, because I’d say you’ve pretty much got it sorted out all by yourself, and believe me, there are millions of people walking this earth who’re in very bad business and/or personal relationships which should’ve been ended, but there’s always that underlying guilt of not being a part of a given “herd”.”

She gave a chuckle before saying, “You must never feel as though you are sinning whenever feeling indifferent towards those who pretend to want the best for you, and in the end, become your greatest thorns, and just remember Mr. Chodur, jealousies oft times are cloaked by litanies of various other weak reasonings.”

I thanked her for giving me her self-less thoughts on the subject, while assuring I’d continue to wishing the absolute best her.  She would’ve stayed longer, but had to make a coffee date with some of her old colleagues.

After she left I began thinking of the people I know who’ve knowingly accepted great wrongs in their workplaces and personal lives, and now coming to believe they are nearly as much to blame for not standing up and saying, “No! This is wrong!”  Almost always out of fear, too many of us are afraid of rocking boats, but never checking to see if there are hidden holes below that are sinking us from within.

Late this afternoon and without notice, a buyer arrived at my office wanting to make an offer on one of my listings.  Of course I made the time to go over all the accompanying docs and purchase agreement.

He came in lower than I’d expected, but I can’t be the one to make those calls.  I did tell him I’d get in touch with the seller and give him a call tomorrow.  Thankfully, I managed to catch the seller and go over the numbers, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.  I’m just gonna hope it’ll be sold before the weekend.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Sophisticated people seem to always be drawn to the idea of simplicity.

Joe Chodur

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