Alas, Spring

I believe we can finally say that the frosts are behind us, and of course I didn’t prepare myself for the sudden heat today when finding I’d dressed a bit too heavy this morning.  I’ll have to try my best to think Spring/Summer when picking what I’m going to be wearing tomorrow morning.

I’ve been keeping a close eye one the coming storms that are supposed to arrive this weekend.  Since it’s such a large system, the meteorologist aren’t sure how far north and east it’ll be moving.  When reading how strong the winds could be, I certainly hope the brunt of it stays south of us because we’ve all had our fill of high winds these recent years.  I’ve never in the past had any sort of fear of tall trees, but after seeing first-hand how easily they can be felled by those straight-liners, I’ve been paying more attention to where they are in relationship to houses, buildings, and power lines.

My noontime appointment was a bittersweet meeting with a couple whom I’ve known for a very many years, and the reason for their arrival, was to talk about selling their home and moving into a retirement community.  Since I sold it to them a number of years ago, I was saddened to hear that they’re now ready to move forward into the next phase of their life’s transitions.

I think we spent about as much time talking about their home as we were about past events and recent happenings.  Since we go back so far in time, we even spoke about old family members that have passed, while drawing comparisons of how things were back then, and the way they are now.

We really don’t pay much attention to societal evolution because of how slowly it changes, but when comparing people, places, and events with those who were actually there, it makes those differences all the more pronounced.  Just today I mentioned something in an email how I must continue reminding myself how the basic ways in which we interact with the general public have changed.

An afternoon home appointment took me to 146 – 12th St. NW, and I don’t think it could have been a better showing because the grass had been freshly mowed and the lilacs were in bloom.

Oh how I love the smell of lilacs.  Every time I see and smell them, I’m reminded of Whitman’s poem, “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d”, which was written by him shortly after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  It now makes me wonder if that’s still a required reading in high schools or colleges, because I oft times have to correct myself whenever thinking certain educational requirements are a given.

The showing went quite well, and when leaving, one of the buyers mentioned that he may be giving me a call in the morning to talk about making an offer on it.  If that be the case, I’ll be jumping for joy if we manage to get it sold.  He asked why it hadn’t yet sold, and I freely said without reservation, “Too many of our young buyers are purchasing far inferior homes for all the more money, and only because they’d rather buy homes that are pigs that’ve been lipsticked.”  They seemed to get a good laugh, and since my statement was considered funny, I then asked, “Haven’t you ever seen a pig with lipstick on it?”  I’m glad they all thought that was quite the humorous analogy.

My last appointment took me to a charming home that’s being readied for the market.  I was pleasantly surprised how much detail work the owners have done since I was last there.  Without a doubt, it’s going to make someone a wonderful home/sanctuary.  Every window in it offers a delightful view of the yard and neighborhood. The above photo is a shot I took of but one corner of all the many “windows to the world” it offers.

Certainly you all know by now that I have a soft spot for well-built older homes that are located in sought-after districts.  This one happens to be one of them, and I freely said to the owners today, “Don’t be surprised if I happen to sell your home myself, which will likely be due to the fact that I’m very much in “like” with it.”  It only stands to reason that a salesperson can more easily sell something he or she is already sold on.  Don’t you think?

With is still hovering above 70 degrees at this late hour, I can freely say, “Alas, Spring has arrived.”, along with encouraging all of you to spend as much time outdoors as possible when considering the brutally cold weather we were forced to endure this past winter.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  I’ve always loved feeling the natural sensuality of Spring.

Joe Chodur

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