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It fell back on being another cold and overcast day, but at least I managed to get everything I wanted done outdoors before it started misting.  Keeping the grass mowed when it’s cool and wet like this, becomes more of a daunting task because it’s this type of weather grass likes best for growing.

My timelines fell right into place where I didn’t have to rush back to the office and get readied for my public open house at 402 – 21st St. SE.  I actually had time to make a few calls, create some hand-outs, and arrive at the address about five minutes before it started.

In spite of how nasty it was outside, I actually had people coming and going from the time I arrived, and up until I had to close up for the day.  I suspected there wouldn’t be many there, so I took something to read with me, but didn’t even have time to flip open the cover.

The right type of buyers arrived who were young couples, parents looking for one of their children, and even parents and being children together.  The more I looked at that home, the more I found it to be the best there is to be had in our market in its price range.  The quality of construction, recent updates, and above all, its location, places it thousands of dollars below what my competitors have to offer.

With the number of serious lookers I had, it’ll not surprise me if it’s sold before this next week is out, and likely because you just can’t find good homes priced below $70K in this City unless they’re in neighborhoods most buyers dismiss as not being to their liking.

Since I didn’t have any appointments after my open house, I decided to drive to Charles City and attend a church service.  It was raining intermittently on my way over which wasn’t the most pleasant for getting a good look at the countryside, but at least it stopped just before I entered their community.

I was sure to take my camera with me in case I found something worthy for tonight’s photo, and as chance would have it, I caught a glimpse of their newish footbridge that spans the Cedar River.  I turned around and headed in its direction, and for some reason, I must’ve caught that view at the perfect time because I really like the photo I took which which I’ve posted for tonight’s.

Those goslings were the cutest!  I took several other shots which I may use these coming  days.  I was surprised when seeing those parents with so few young which makes me think they didn’t have good nesting areas, or possibly there being all the more varmints running around Charles City like we have here which are always scavenging about in the shadows of darkness.  I’m sure if Charles City is also invested with Coyotes, they’ve been after goose eggs and goslings.  Coyotes truly are vile creatures.

The church service was more delightful than I’d expected with the exception of the keyboardist attempting to be a virtuoso. He may have believed he was really good, but all he was doing was over-reaching his chording skills.

The Minister gave him a disapproving glance several times for making the traditional hymns he was playing, sounding very muddy to where even he was stumbling between verses.  But, I was very much impressed with their young male song leader who definitely has a clear and pure voice which I’m sure with the right training, will be a great addition to their music department.

Just before their Service ended, the Minister asked all the mothers to stand while he read a very touching tribute to them.  He then asked us all to stand and give them a round of applause.  In these times, being a good mother has got to be one heck of a challenge due to all the more evil forces their children are more easily exposed to on a daily basis.

As chance would have it, while walking out, I ran into a gentleman whom I haven’t seen in at least 20 years who was “friendly” for several years with one of my female relatives.  He was a bit shocked that I recognized him, and since he still has a delightful sense of humor, I couldn’t help but turn a bit wicked by saying, “You’ve grown fat!”  Oh mercy did I ever get a look.

I must’ve been there for at least 20 minutes visiting with him.  I asked if he attended that church every Saturday, and his response was that he attends on an irregular basis.  I did mention that if he wanted to have a few more laughs after church, to let me know when he’ll be there this coming month, and I’d try to make it.

Most people who’d pass him on the street would never consider him to be an exceptionally religious and all around good person, which goes to show, we must never judge a book by its cover.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  If your desire is to be good, then begin by believing that you’re wicked.

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