Masters at Slowing

Oh Mercy!  In spite of it not raining today, those 30 – 40 degree temperatures along with the wind blowing, was enough to keep everyone inside.  I even had to bump up the thermostat in my office to get the chill off.

It was one of those light days which afforded me time to get my monthly accounting done which is always a welcome relief when finished.  Thank goodness there were no errors that I had to go digging for which happens on occasion.  After that was completed, I turned back to bill paying which is an on-going journey.

I was glad to hear about the powers in our City being formally against Alliant Energy’s rate increase.  I personally believe they’re not fiscally prudent when seeing how much money they waste.  There was absolutely no reason for them to throw money away on their new building they built just south of the ethanol plant.  I’m sure you’ve seen at all those big and small new-looking  trucks they’re running around town in.  Now that they’re replacing all the gas and electric meters which enable them to be read from their office, they’ll soon be handing pink slips to all the more of their employees.

My biggest gripe, is the wages they pay their middle and upper management.  As I’ve said before, there’s absolutely no reason for them to be pulling down such high salaries.  And yes, it’s happening in nearly all corporate structures, which still doesn’t make it right.  Just because other companies do it, that doesn’t automatically make it a standard rule.

Back when I worked in the banking industry a great many years ago, the wages of upper management was noticeably higher, but not even nearing the gross excesses we see today.  Even back then, I used to question the merit of such salaries when personally seeing how little they did, along with how few key responsibilities they had.  There was one in particular who did so little, that if I were he, I would’ve felt deeply ashamed every time my paycheck was deposited.

In our times, it’s a rarity to see directors or heads of companies out in the trenches of their rank and file employees, and there only to be sure their employees are happily performing their jobs, along with being personally on hand for input from their corporate-critical front lines.

Some of the greatest success stories regarding companies, were created by their owners who took an active day-to-day concerned interest when it came to improving production, along with keeping their employees happily plugged-in.  You can be sure they were also weeding out freeloaders and troublemakers in the process.

Several days ago someone was telling me about a co-worker who works at making trouble for others on a production line.  All the more supervisors are growing tired of her revolving door complaints which contain nothing more than weak excuses for getting a few minutes of attention.  She’s ever-so lucky that management styles have changed dramatically over the years, because she would’ve been let go many months ago.  Pot-stirrers are masters at slowing production and weakening morale.  Believe me, I’ve seen it first-hand more than once, but unfortunately in these times, getting rid of them takes nearly an act of Congress.

Around noontime, I had an opportunity to visit with a delightful young man who just arrived here from the East Coast.  His spouse has taken a new job in our City, and very excited about it.  I welcomed him fully to our community and made sure to offer my ear to a phone call should they require any insight or direction regarding goods and services being offered in our City.  I’m hoping they’re just the beginning of many more energetic young couples moving to Mason City and North Iowa.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Troublemakers are those who need public cures for their private ails.

Joe Chodur

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