Illusions of Suffering

With it once again being the first week of the month, I was back at my office accounting, bill paying, and collections. For the strangest reason, I felt as though it was only a couple of weeks ago when I’d finished up the first of April.  Time sure flies when we have our nose to the grindstone rough.

That north wind was very biting this morning to where I was doing everything I could to stay out of it.  When attempting to carry on a conversation with someone outdoors, we finally had to step out of the wind so we could hear each other.

After awakening this morning, I was a bit shocked there were no lingering aches and pains from yesterday’s marathon yard work.  I was all the more delighted when seeing freshly mowed lawns around our City that were bordering on a florescent green.

Spring has always been my favorite time of year as long as the wind isn’t blowing out of the northwest.  Now that climate change has altered the time in which Spring normally arrives, I think my mind will be changed regarding my favorite season, and likely Summer soon being its replacement.

I’ll be on the phone tomorrow with several contractors who’ve promised me they’d be getting some long-over due work done which is still sitting there.  For sure, North Iowa is very much lacking in a good selection of reliable and fairly priced general contractors to where I’ve come to the conclusion that the bulk of them only want the big jobs that have wide margins for profit.

It sort of makes me remember how in the old days some of my colleagues would make fun of me over the lower priced homes I sold to first-time buyers.  Well, I can say that in good times and bad, those lesser priced homes have been my bread and butter over these long years of selling real estate in North Iowa.

Speaking of lower-priced, I must put another plug in for 146 – 12th St. NW here in Mason City which is long over-due being sold.  Of course it’s yet another example of how nearly all our young first-time buyers do not want to purchase homes in need of cosmetics.  Without a doubt, I could live in that home once having gone thru it and made a few improvements and updates.  There’s more than enough room out back to build a monster 3 car garage off the alley.  In spite of being on 12th St. NW, you really don’t notice the traffic once inside.  Please put out the word regarding this rock-solid home.

Late this afternoon, the owners of 341 S. Carolina accepted an offer which I believed to be a fair one.  I wasn’t a bit surprised by it, because of the number of people in attendance, along with the amount of interest we received on it during my public open house on Saturday which was my indication there would be one coming.

I’ll certainly miss those delightful owners after they move out of our City, while hoping there’ll be replacements for them on the horizon.  Without a doubt, you couldn’t find a more delightfully wholesome young family than they are.  Even their chocolate Lab smiles at me every time I’m over there, and believe me, he gives me the widest of grins.  So cute!

Another little job I had this afternoon was to do some final dressing up of a commercial building in the Downtown.  Not to be proud or pompous, but I’d say I made a pretty good choice of style and color.  One of the neighbors mentioned how attractive it now looks while asking, “Is there a new owner or tenant moving in soon?”  All I could honestly relay was that it isn’t my building, but perhaps there will be a new tenant more sooner than later, especially now that it’s very attractive from the street-side.

Once again, I was reminded today by a person of letters, how some people really work at creating dust storms just so to be noticed.  Most times we find people like that being self-proclaimed victims, and if they even think they can no longer consider themselves such, they’ll work all the harder at appearing to be.  Those who’ve developed a preferred taste for drama, must have so little to contribute to society in a good way, that they work all the harder at appearing to be poor wretched folks who’ve been carrying heavy millstones around their necks just so to prove to the world the pain they’ve been suffering for years.  What’s terribly unfortunate, is that most people, more sooner than later, see thru their illusions of suffering.

One of my projects tomorrow is to get a home listed which I’m in hopes is ready for photos.  I reminded the sellers last week that everything needs to be finished before I list it, because it’s a very bad thing for buyers to be noticing work in progress after a home is on the market.  With the way our home sales have been moving, it should sell, and hopefully quickly.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  I believe jealousy is the worst of all faults because it makes a victim of both parties.

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