Parasites of Time

With having so much on today’s plate, I decided to attend an early church service here in the City.  In spite of leaving soon enough so to place my arrow signs for my open house, I was still about two minutes late for their Services.  So much for my judge of time and distance.

The minister gave a very good sermon this morning based on the “doubting Thomas” Gospel which has also been one of my favorites. After he finished, I began thinking about how people in these time would have reacted when knowing how all the many in society have their minds made up regarding people and/or situations, to where if you showed them hard facts that proved their beliefs otherwise, they’d insist that they’re right  and you’re wrong.  Now if Thomas lived in these times and being of a similar mindset, he’d possibly say it was all an orchestrated hoax created by make-up and fake skin, and well enough done to where it looked an felt like real piercings.

Once again, I was annoyed by the music at that Service with those obscure hymns filled with an abundance of syncopation and overly-broad vocal ranges.  As I was getting ready to walk out, the older couple behind me were saying something negative about this morning’s music, and of course yours truly had to add his take on what was being played.  I guess I’m not the only one who gets annoyed by their music department’s continued poor choice of music.  Oh well, it’ll likely be long after it’s too late, where they’ll discover that part of the reason for their loss of church-goers was their unwillingness to keep their general body of congregants happily singing along with standard hymns.

After the Service was over, I went back to my office and did some work until it was time to head to First United Methodist Church’s dinner.  The barbecued pork sandwiches were very good as well as the many salads they had to offer.  I actually went back for another helping of macaroni salad.

I was there longer than expected due to the number of acquaintances I had an opportunity to visit with which made me all the happier I decided to go. Since I’ve not been in their dining hall for a few years, I was once again reminded how large and well cared-for it is.  One thing that has always impressed me about their church is the size of their windows which allows for all the more natural light to filter within.  It’s definitely worth a visit if you’ve not been inside.

My public open house was a great success today, and all the more thankful I didn’t have it yesterday considering how bad the weather was.  There were people coming and going the entire two hours, and definitely some serious interest being shown.  I was glad to find one buyer as sold on hot water heat as I am, and if the installation of a system like that weren’t so expensive, I’d personally have hot water heat in my own home because I don’t like how forced air furnaces dry homes out, along with all the more dust they seem to create.

It was well after 3:00 pm when I finally turned off all the lights and picked up my signs, so I figured I might as well get back to my little/big project from yesterday.  I spent only about 2 1/2 hours on it, but exceptionally thankful I managed to get more accomplished on it this weekend than I’d expected.  It won’t be long until I’ll be past that dirty and tedious portion of my “little/big”.

There happened to be a young man at my open house today, and somehow we got on the subject of getting started on jobs we hate.  He mentioned how much he has to fight with himself before he gets started, which is usually the case with most people, and all the more reason why many end up turning their blind eyes to things requiring immediate attention.

My only comment to him was, “Many years ago, I also had a problem getting started on things I didn’t like, until I realized that I suffered from the same problem, so instead of fighting with myself to do it, I’d just dig in, and once there, I usually keep at it until it was finished.”  It was almost as if a lightbulb went off in his head because his comment was, “Oh, I also work to the finish once I get started, so now I’ll have to do as you and dig right in.”  If he did take my words to heart, I’ll be thankful for sharing my recipe getting started.

One of the major culprits of not getting things done in a timely manner, is our world-wide rise of cell phone addiction. Just recently I witnessed two aging adults seated next to each other who were carrying on a casual, but somewhat fractured conversation with each other.  Since I was seated at a near distance, I could see what they were doing with their cell phones.  Oh Mercy!  One of them was playing some sort of jigsaw puzzle game, while the other was playing some kind of touchscreen slot machine.  I was in such shock when seeing that, I’ll soon likely have a nightmare over it.  As Gott as my witness, I swear those cell phones are the biggest parasites of time ever to have been created since our fore-fathers fell out of their trees.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Hide our ignorances as we will, but an evening of giggle water soon reveals them.

Joe Chodur

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