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As expected, it was a bit slow in real estate today with it being the Monday after Easter, and that sudden turn from yesterday’s beautiful weather to a misty cold rain wasn’t helping matters.  Oh well, we have to remember it’s still early enough in the season to have days like this.

I’m going to be working all the more diligently at getting my un-sold listings under contract.  There are buyers who’ve looked at them with interest, but still haven’t made up their minds.  I’m hoping they’re not thinking something better is going to come along and end up missing out on what’s already to their liking.  I’ve seen it too many times where people who’ve looked at far too many homes, end up getting themselves confused, and then months later, end up buy homes that aren’t even close to what they had prior opportunities to purchase.

The one home I believe is definitely worth the money, is my listing at 341 S. Carolina.  Now that Spring has arrived and all the snow has melted, buyers can now see just how beautiful that 1/2 acre lot really is.  I’m now working with a young couple whom I believe would be a good fit for it because they’re wanting all the more yard to enjoy.  They’re very particular about quality of construction which is one more reason 341 S. Carolina would suit their needs because that home is built like the rock of Gibraltar.

I’ve noticed all more stores setting up their seasonal stands where they’ll be selling potted flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees.  I’ve always liked wandering thru their stalls and looking at new varieties being offered.  I can’t wait until it’s warm enough out so I can transplant all those geraniums I’ve been holding over at my office this past winter. When expecting more than half of them to have given up their ghosts, after their health inspection this morning, I’d say nearly all of them survived, and now in a unison of screams I’m hearing, “We’re still living, so get us outside and give us the space we deserve!”

This afternoon I met with the CEO of Good Shepherd to talk about a new advertising strategy for marketing Prairie Place on 1st.  There are only 10 units left, but I’m still convinced that once their numbers drop down into the single digits, there’ll be buyers finally realizing that once they’re sold, their chances to get something new will be gone.

I couldn’t help but mention how a particular difficult buyer who looked at those units a number of times, ended up buying something here in the City that wasn’t even close to what she was insisting upon, yet from the very first time I showed those units to her, I had this weird feeling she would never buy one in spite of the number of times I was asked to meet her over there for just one more look.

I personally bristled each time she said, “I don’t know if I want to live around a bunch of old people.”, which from the first time she said it, was my queue that those hours with her were going to be a great waste of my time.  Believe me, I really do it when my initial suspicions/reservations are confirmed.

My late afternoon appointment was a showing of an area acreage.  While driving out there, it seemed the closer I got, the heavier it rained.   By the time I pulled into the driveway, it was coming down so much so that we had to make a mad dash for the house, and of course it’s always harder to get a door unlocked when standing in the rain.

As chance would have it, I remembered showing that acreage when it was on the market some years ago, and I can certainly say the owners have made a number of improvements since I was there last, but unfortunately, the floor plan wasn’t exactly what the buyers were looking for, but at least I now have a better idea in regards to their needs.  I will say it does have a great view of the Shell Rock River which will help to sell it.

Since those owners have a few barnyard animals, I grabbed my camera and went out and took the above photo of what looked like one of those dwarf goat breeds.  It was certainly fearless enough because of how it willingly walked right up to the fence as I approached with camera in hand.  It sure gave me a disappointed look after discovering I wasn’t offering anything to eat.  Now after looking at the above, don’t you have even the slightest of inklings to get your own pet goat?  Oh, and by the way, most here in the US have no idea how many countries in the world raise goats as their primary source of meat.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  For Heaven’s sake, practice yourself in little things, and then proceed to greater.

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