Stooped so Low

I’m discovering that these are the days in both Spring and Fall which are a crap shoot when it comes to deciding how light or heavy to dress when leaving for work.  For whatever reason, I thought it was going to be a warm one, but in reality, it didn’t even come close to being pleasant.   Even though I knew it was windy, I didn’t realize it was blowing from the north which made it all the more biting.

Since we had a heavy rain yesterday which helped to clean up the particles in our skies, along with the full moon being around the corner, we should have an even more clear view of it tomorrow night if we have no cloud cover.  So if any of you are planning on howling, it should be a great opportunity to take in some moonshine.

A local retiree stopped by my office today for a chat, and since I was free, we sat down and had a good discussion regarding a number of topics.  I was glad to find him being like-minded when speaking about how there’s no decorum when it comes to reporters publishing lop-sided views of people and events.  Since I keep copies of area newspapers, I pointed out how their reporting is more about positive things going on in their communities, opposed to our local newspaper reporters getting their jollies out of bashing people in cloaked ways.  I find it exceptionally childish–especially whenever reading the beginning or ending an article saying, “Silly me.”  As far as I’m concerned, self-deprecation is a sign of a passive-aggressive behavior.   And to think there are now young reporters who’re following such “victim” examples.

Perhaps I’m being a bit wicked when saying we should all give that particular reporter the moniker being, “Silly Me”.  I can see it now when visiting with someone who just read the paper and asking, “What did Silly Me have to say?”  And now for my wickedness, I’ll share my reviled moniker which is, “Kevin”.  There are those nameless few who know that when being addressed as, “Kevin”, I begin to internally seethe because they were told to stop it.  Now you see how childish our families and societies in general have grown?  Even in my most wicked hours, I don’t believe I’ve ever stooped so low as to address someone by a name I know they find offensive.

Most people think that getting even is by kicking back, but if we’d just take the higher road and dismiss such nonsense while considering the source, more sooner than later divine intervention and/or karma takes care of it all.  And in the meantime, we can simply refuse to read or listen to such negative tripe.  With an insistent voice I asked my visitor, “Why can’t they offer heart-felt stories that’ll uplift us in these times, rather than making us feel all the more that we’re all on a fast track back to the Middle Ages?”

Just today I decided to have a public open house this Saturday at 146 – 12th St. NW from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.  I made the executive decision to test the Globe Gazette’s influence by not having it sent to print, just so to see if I get just as many or even more visitors.  I made sure to post my open house on all of the online real estate websites.

A showing several days ago created a door being locked which wasn’t supposed to be, so yours truly had to have a locksmith unlock it and create a key for it.  Unfortunately the owner never had a key, but now there is one, so I won’t have to remind agents to leave it unlocked any longer.

146 – 12th St. NW is classic example of the type of homes I used to sell to all those many young first-time home buyers who were eager to start out small and create their own equity.  Of course back in those days, parents were always beating up the Realtors when thinking they were selling too expensive homes to their children out of fear they couldn’t afford to make their payments and subsequently have to either get their parents to help them financially, or be foreclosed on.

My how times have changed!  Just today I spoke to a City employee who agreed how all the more of our younger generation want everything now and not willing to learn that starting out modestly is the best way to create lasting skills and faster equity building.  I was quick to point out that most parents in these times don’t counsel their children when making large purchases which I’ve always considered a bit odd since it was definitely not the way it used to be.  I sometimes wonder if parents and children are becoming indifferent towards each other.

I certainly remember a time when if a parent wouldn’t give an opinion, it usually meant it was not something you’d want to pursue.  There was also that, “Do what you want because it’s your life.” statement I’d hear a mother or father saying to a son or daughter who was looking at a home.  Back in those days, a statement like that was usually a deal killer because if a young buyer didn’t get a parent’s blessing, it would put the brakes on their making of an offer.  I think it was some sort of shame that was being felt by those children.  Be that as it may, I can freely say those days are mostly long gone.

When getting ready to leave my office this afternoon, I happened to notice one of the flowers up in the front window beginning to bloom which made me think of an occurrence that took place on an Easter morning about three years ago where a hold-over petunia decided to lift up to me a singularly striking violet flower.  Today’s bloomer decided to offer up a cluster of vibrant red on this Maundy Thursday.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  No great things are suddenly created.

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