Seder Meals

We did get that predicted rain after all, but I wish it hadn’t come down in sheets.  At one point this afternoon, when glancing out the window, I could barely see across the street from my office due to how heavy it was coming down.

I actually noticed daffodils blooming along the side of a home yesterday which always bring a smile to my face.  It’s amazing how quickly they grow from green buds peeking out of the ground to full-fledged flowers.  I’ll not forget one of the flower gardens of a home I had listed several years ago during this time.  I was in near shock when coming around a building and seeing hundreds of daffodils blooming in an area the size of a three car garage.  It must’ve taken a very many years for them to grow so thick in numbers.  That particular flower bed was surrounded by a perimeter of concrete which certainly helped to contain them as well as keeping invasive roots of other plants from creeping in.  After that visual experience, every time I see daffodils, I think of that drifting sea of yellow blossoms.

The buyers I showed one of my listings to yesterday, arrived at my office this morning and made an offer on it, and about 45 minutes later, it was formally accepted by the seller.  There’s no question in my mind that home will do a great job of working for them for years to come.  They’ve been the most delightful young buyers I’ve worked with in some months.

As what usually happens, I later received several calls from Realtors wanting to show it, but since the buyers already have a bank pre-approval, I told them not to bother.  I don’t like showing homes that already have contracts on them because it just gets buyers all the more frustrated if they should happen to like what they see.

Thank goodness we finished up on the three home showings I had this afternoon before the rain started.  We couldn’t have timed it closer because it just started sprinkling as we walked out of the last one.

Since I’ve known those buyers for a number of years, we not only talked about homes, but also people we’ve crossed paths with over the years and stories associated with them.  We all seemed to share similar concerns about the opposing directions our general population is taking in regards to the paths our world governments are taking.  We couldn’t have agreed more on many points, and I’m going to remain hopeful that there’ll be a growing movement of middle-road mentalities who’ll help steer us out of this period of radicalization that’s been infecting the minds of millions on both sides of our world’s political spectrums.

We also talked about how so much of this new-found ideology is greed driven. It seems all the many are jumping on the bandwagon of might makes right to where the more you have, the more you can control others.  If we stand back far enough and look at our own communities, we can see it happening on the grassroots level.  My buyers mentioned how they’ve even distanced themselves from a few of their relatives because of the way in which they’ve become radically tribal.  I can’t stress enough how dangerous it is for a given society to become so fractured because it ultimately weakens the fiber that keeps us strong as a whole.

It looks like our general public is gearing up for their Easter gatherings when seeing how  many cars I’ve found parked at our grocery stores.  After asking a number of people I’ve recently encountered about their plans this weekend, there’s about half of them staying put, and the other half traveling out of town to the homes of distant relatives.

As chance would have it, the beginning of the Jewish Passover and the Christian Good Friday are on the same day this year, so we’ll be seeing those in our Jewish community celebrating their deliverance by Moses from generations of slavery in Egypt.  A number of years ago my mother and I were invited by one of her Jewish friends to a Passover meal that was being held in the basement of our City’s Synagogue.  What I liked the best, was their matzo ball chicken soup which they made the old fashioned way with no store bought ingredients other than those crackers they ground up to make the matzo. They used schmaltz (rendered chicken or goose fat) when making those yummy dumpling-like matzo balls.

Some of our area churches are serving Seder meals on Maundy Thursday which will take place tomorrow evening.  They normally have lamb, a vegetable, a fruit, and unleavened bread, all of which have religious significance.  It looks like there’ll be some good eating these next four days, so enjoy yourselves!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.

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