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Alas it was well above freezing when leaving home this morning which gave me hope it was going to be much warmer, and sure enough, it ended up being above 60 degrees.   We’re now seeing how quickly the grass is beginning to grow to where I’m sure we’ll be doing some mowing in a couple of weeks.   I’ve already noticed a number of people out raking yards, picking up sticks, and even doing some fertilizing.

When knowing that progress always has its downsides, I’ll not be the happiest now that they’ve closed 6th St. for likely the entire summer.  Let’s hope everyone gets used to 5th St. no longer being a one-way, and remember to look both ways before turning or crossing it.  For sure that highway project has been a long time in the planning, but at least it’s finally becoming a reality.  Without a doubt, 5th St. looks one heck of a lot better with its new concrete, those nasty monster trees gone, and real sidewalks in place.  As far as I’m concerned, that stretch between Connecticut and Carolina has always been the worst.

My morning with by quickly with phone calls and appointments.  One of my showings was well over an hour long and I do believe the buyers are interested in it. I’m hoping that fine young couple I’m working with decides on it because I believe it’s going to be a perfect fit for them if they do decide to buy it.

In spite of having shown them a great number of homes, I’m now glad of it because they’re finally understanding how to look for intrinsic values. I was teasing them this morning when saying that home wasn’t all lipsticked up, but had exceptionally good bones.

My afternoon appointment to show a home took me to 146 – 12th St. NW, and unfortunately they were young buyers who appeared to be noticing the wrong things and paying no attention to its big ticket features.  They appeared mildly interested in it, but seemed to back away after my telling them they had to get themselves pre-approved before making an offer on it.  Sometimes the younger crowd really don’t like being encouraged to get themselves to a bank before wasting a Realtor’s time.

Not long ago I heard a story about a particular buyer who got himself weakly pre-approved after neglecting to mention to mortgage bankers that his name was already tied to another loan which he didn’t think would keep him from buying.  Well, after going thru two different Realtors along with several banks before finally understanding what the problem was, he’d wasted a whole lot of un-necessary time of many.  Thank goodness I wasn’t working with him because any time there’s an accepted offer, and then weeks later there being a loan denial, everyone ends up with some pretty angry sellers on the other side of a failed transaction.

Yes, the Spring feeding frenzy is still going on when discovering that three of the five homes I was scheduled to show tomorrow, are already sold.  A retired mortgage banker recently told me how “goofy” buyers always get around the time they get their tax refunds, and usually end up paying way more for homes just because they’re getting a “free” check from Uncle Sam.

Around noontime I had a good chat with the owner of 24 – 11th St. NE about reducing it so we can get it sold.  It does need a little cosmetic help, but when considering the amount of square-footage it offers along a newer 3 car garage out back, its time has now arrived to be sold to a growing family.   Seeing how the inventory of homes for sale is dropping in our City, perhaps buyers will take a closer look at all the features it offers.

While walking across a parking lot later this afternoon, I happened to see an old gent putting something in the back of his SUV.  He was wearing a gray T-shirt with some writing on it, so curious me made sure to read what it said.   I got a dark chuckle to myself when reading, “Please don’t bother me with the facts because my mind is already made up!”  Oh Mercy! That was yet one more reality check of the way in which many in our general public have closed their ears to facts.

In nearly all facets of society we’re seeing this turning away from hard facts, and for me it’s becoming all the more scary.  I just recently witnessed how a number of adults in a particular family managed to convince others of happenings that never took place, and in spite of the many attempts at offering real historical facts, they remained entrenched in their skewed beliefs.  It’s too bad that blood kin can’t for at least one day be able to resurrect their deceased relatives and get themselves slapped back into the line of what was real and what wasn’t.  Yes, there are some who really get their jollies out of creating fictitious events that never happened.

When digging thru my old stack of black and white photos, I thought you might like to see how Berlin’s “Victory Column” looked when standing on its original site.  It has been a popular tourist attraction in Berlin since the 1860’s.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The key is to keep company with people who uplift you, whose presence calls for your best.

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