The Funding of Sedition

My first order of the day was to get my open house tent signs from the storage room at my office and place them conspicuously at two major intersections near 341 S. Carolina.  I figured there’d be a number of people attending church services this morning, so I thought it best to get them out as early as possible.

It seems almost every year I forget that Palm Sunday Services are much longer due to the extra readings, and today happened to be one of them when playing for St. Paul Lutheran this morning.  For the most part, all went well in spite of my having stumbled a little on a fast moving piece.  Having apologized afterwards to one for that little blip, it must not have been that noticeable because she insisted on not hearing it.  I did go down afterwards for a quick chat and a hot cup of coffee.  I know I sound bit like a broken record, but I continue to proclaim they’re the most delightful community of faith.

After I left their church, I went back to the office and changed my clothes so to help a dear friend of mine for several hours with a project requiring more than two hands.  We did have a good chat while working, and when finished, he couldn’t have thanked me enough for helping him.  I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but as we all know the test of a friendship, is one in need.  I do try to live by that old saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

One of my favorite forms of giving back, is doing something for another without them even knowing about it.  There were two times over these past six months in which I did just that, and to this day, they have no idea the degree of aid I provided.  Helping to lighten someone’s load in a quiet way, sure does give a warm feeling within.

My public open house at 341 S. Carolina was a great success in that there were people coming and going nearly the entire time to where it was almost 3:30 by the time I wrapped things up.  One of the prospective buyers even took time to walk out to the rear yard just so to get a better look at its size.  Thank goodness it was a sunny day because that gorgeous piece of land out back was looking its best.

After picking up all my open house signs, I went back to the office to check my email and phone messages.  With it being so late, I figured it would be a waste to start working on my little/big project and then have to quit after an hour or so.

My plans were then turned to getting my car washed, but when I drove out to each of those two on the west-side, I found the bays three and four cars deep.  Waiting that long for a quick run thru on a washing has never been something I prefer to do, so off I went grocery shopping.

When I pulled into Aldi’s parking lot, I remembered that late Sunday afternoon is not the best time to be there because that seems to be when all the young laborers go to fill their carts with a week’s food for their families.  With only a few things in hand, I was happy to find another checker opening up her aisle which kept me from having to wait so long in line.  I have noticed how some of their prices are creeping up to being on the level of their competitors, but since most don’t closely watch and remember prices, the general public never seems to know the better.

I never work at watching or comparing prices, but I’m convinced I must’ve come by it honestly because my dear Mother was a walking computer whenever in a grocery store to where she could calculate price differences in ounces and pounds, and Heaven help a check-out person if they rang something up wrong.  I really don’t actively view each item being scanned, yet still manage to catch something being tallied incorrectly.  Every time it happens I teasingly say to the clerk, “Come on now, prove me wrong because I’m still batting a 100!”, which usually gets a good laugh out of them.

When writing last evening about the political meddling of countries like Russia and China in the affairs of democracies, I also want to mention how many millions of dollars they spend in their funding of sedition to where it oft times reminds me of very dark-minded grade schoolers who’ll at times use every resource they have to gain popularity within a group just so to create their own posses of like-minded students that follow their own particular rules which then gives them license to mete out punishments to apostates who’d finally realized being part of an evil group wasn’t for them.

The above photo is one I managed take of a bird I’ve seen from time to time, but not sure what it’s called.  At a glance it looks like a finch, but I’m pretty sure it’s not because of its size, movements, and what it eats.  Whatever it is, I think it’s cute with that ever-pouty look on its face.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

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