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My early morning appointment at the office was suddenly cancelled just as I was pulling up, so yours truly had to re-arrange his schedule for the morning because that appointment ended up getting moved to lunchtime.  It didn’t take long after becoming a Realtor that an unexpected turn of events and/or appointments oft times become common occurrences.

With several hours to kill, I figured I might as well go do some shopping for office supplies, so out to Staples I headed.  While driving there, I absolutely couldn’t believe how cold and windy it was outdoors.  Thinking last week that I didn’t need to be wearing my winter coat any longer, I had a crude awakening when trying to stay warm without it this week.

I was glad there were only a few people in the store when I walked in which made it easier to get what I needed and be off.  I did mention to one of the clerks how much more expensive office products are getting which comes as no surprise since nearly all of it’s made in China.  I can’t wait to see the day arrive when manufacturers re-open the factories they’d closed just to make a faster buck by using cheap labor in third world countries.  I knew the time would come when such rampant corporate greed was going to come back to haunt our Country.

Since I managed to get those supplies purchased quicker than I’d expected, I figured I’d make a quick trip over to St. Paul Lutheran and run thru the hymns I’m scheduled to play this coming Sunday morning.  On my way in, I stopped and visited with their secretary for a few minutes before heading upstairs.

When I got up there, I pulled all the music and sat myself down for a quick run-thru of those pieces.  The “old gal” was being a little difficult when finding several pedals randomly sticking, but after she got a good warming up,  those annoyances stopped.  One of their older members mentioned some weeks ago, her belief the reason their organ keys and pedals stick sometimes, it that it’s not being played enough.  After today’s experience, I’d say she was correct.

Several customers stopped by the office this afternoon who’ve been looking these past several months for a decent home in the under $80K price range.  Having shown them enough homes now, I’d say I’m pretty much up to speed on what they’re looking for, and unfortunately it hasn’t hit the market yet.  I do know of several that will likely get listed these coming weeks, and for sure I’ll be getting them in for a viewing as soon as they hit the market.  They are the nicest people which makes me want to do the absolute best job I can for them.

One of my clients called and asked if I had time today to stop over to look at a house he’s been working on, so off I went.  It’s been several months since I was there and happy to see he’s been making great progress.  The reason he wanted me to stop, was to take a look at his finish work since he knows how discriminating I am about end results. I’d say the job he’s done so far isn’t 100% perfect, but a far cry above what I normally see.  I couldn’t help but mention how just this week I was walking thru a very expensive home with some buyers and quick to point out the flaws made by a finish carpenter, along with reminding him that the more one looks, the more one sees.

While in the grocery store later this afternoon I happened to run into woman who used to be the secretary of our office a number of years ago.  We must’ve stood there and visited for at least a half hour or more.  Oh how she can make me laugh!  Of course we had to play catch-up on recent happenings in our lives since we last spoke which was at least six months ago.  She’s working at a job were she’s in contact with the cross-cut of society, and I’m convinced she does exceptionally well where she’s at because of her personality.  It’s always good to find intelligent people in possession of delightfully uplifting personalities.  While driving out of that parking lot, I felt sad that she’s not working with me because we used to find something comical to talk about on a near daily basis.

Some days ago I had an opportunity to see a very old typewriter which believe it or not, still works.  I had to run and get my camera and take the above photo because I’d not seen one like it in years.  I insisted on being given a piece of paper so I could try it out.  Oh Mercy!  Its heavy key action was something a person would have to get used to, but I still loved it!  I suspect it must’ve been manufactured back around 1920,  and for it to still work after nearly 99+ years was beyond amazing.  For sure I could get used to it because it’s just my type where there’s no frills or electronic gadgets to go bad.  It did need a ribbon change because of how light the words appeared on the paper.  Believe it or not, I actually learned to type on a manual typewriter back when I was in the 8th Grade, but that one had to be the great grand-daughter of the above.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.

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