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Oh how winter’s wicked ways continue to haunt us.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the entire mood of the City changed once the gray skies and cold rain returned.  Thank goodness were not living in the Dakotas because it sounds like they were getting dumped on with a yell of a lot of snow, and to think we’re going to be having this hanging with us until the weekend.  Thank goodness I scheduled my public open house for Sunday instead of Saturday because I’m not so sure if we’ll be shoveling snow before this is over.

Fortunately, I was able to get that sale closed today without any last minute hitches. For sure that was one particular sale that created a few more headaches for me after finding four very old mortgages from about 20 years ago that weren’t released.  Once I did figure out which bank it was that purchased those mortgages, it didn’t take long to connect with the right person responsible for issuing releases.  After getting them created, signed-off, and then filed here in the Recorder’s office, I can’t say enough good about how well the Bank of the West was in getting them released for me.  It’s too bad they don’t have a branch here in Mason City because I’m sure they’d do very well considering how consumer friendly they are.

The absolute highlight of my day was having a heartfelt story told me about a woman who recently won a large sum of money on the lottery.  After hearing it, my whole outlook on people playing those number games has changed for the better because I’ve always considered gambling a waste of money and time.

To begin with, the person who won it happened to be a struggling single parent with a child who had to endure many surgeries and health issues.  In spite of working very hard year over year at her mediocre job, she still had to look to her extended family on various occasions for financial help which they gladly offered.  One of the family members mentioned how they didn’t know how much more even they could afford to give because of those chronic medical bills.

Then one day it all changed when a family member received a call from her saying, “I think I’ve just won a lot of money.”  Being in a state of shock and fear, she asked her mother to go with her to the lottery headquarters.  They made the trip, picked up the check, and then immediately drove to a trusted financial advisor where an investment account was opened.

What impressed me the most, was that the winner didn’t go out on a buying spree because she felt it just didn’t feel right to have so much after living for decades with so little.  She then went out and purchased a modest home so she could get out of a sub-standard house she’d been living in with her son for too many years.  I laughed when told how she was badgered by a car salesman to buy an expensive car, but again insisted on something more modest.

I was also told she kept her job, paid off all those lingering bills, purchased a few pieces of new furniture, and a few other necessary items for her son, but otherwise, her life went back to normal.  I did ask if she was pestered by all those salespeople that come out of the woodwork after hearing about someone winning a large sum of money.  She said it wasn’t as bad as they were expecting, but there were several relatives that hadn’t been heard from for many years who magically appeared out of nowhere.

Hearing that true story gave me the warmest of feelings inside because so often we hear of people who aren’t that deserving coming into a great deal of money, but this time it happened to someone who definitely deserved it, and I believe she’s going to be one of the success stories going forward in time because we’ve all heard about the terrible endings of those who’ve won big, but later suffering all the more.  Let’s hope from here on out, we’ll be hearing of all the more deserving people coming into small fortunes.

Showing homes in today’s weather definitely wasn’t my cup of tea.  If it wasn’t for that wind, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but every time I got out of my car, I was hit in the face with that cold rain.  The buyers I’ve been working with are finally narrowing down their choices, and hopefully the one or two they’re the most serious about, will still be on the market when they’re ready to make an offer.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Anticipate charity by preventing poverty.

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