Light Refreshments

It certainly changed from being a nasty Saturday morning to a delightful afternoon, but my early morning trip up to Winnebago County was an experience.  The owners warned me about the soft gravel roads, but I wasn’t prepared to be driving in pouring down rain on those 3 miles of what felt like a greasy sponge.  When I pulled into their dooryard, I considered that if I’d gone one more mile, I would’ve reached the end of civilization as we know it, and beyond I would’ve found cannibals and grotesque half-humans waiting to capture me and drag me down into their underworld.  Oh well, the meeting went well and I managed to get back to Mason City without a hitch.  Of course I’ll have to run my vehicle thru the carwash tomorrow morning to get all the mud off.

After returning to my office, I called a well-known whom I haven’t spoken to in a bit, and not long after entering into conversation, I had that “feeling” she wasn’t in the mood for chat because of the queue I normally get when those annoyingly habitual long pauses start, so I simply said, “I think I’d better let you go for now since you don’t seem to want to talk.”  I bid her a happy weekend and said good-bye.  She’s always been one of those barometric individuals who can be bright one day, and gray the next, and certainly whatever was bothering her today wasn’t any of my business.

There were several calls that came in yesterday from buyers I’ve been working with who want to see some homes next week, so I busied myself to get them arranged today.  One of them I was supposed to show, just happened to be sold already.  What a shocker!  Without question, whomever purchased that must’ve been looking at all the gloss without digging any deeper into its bones.  The buyers who wanted to see it will likely be disappointed, but as far as I’m concerned, its sale was their blessing in disguise.

Now don’t get me wrong by thinking I’m bashing my competitors, because I’m not when saying I find at times there are agents who don’t take personal inspections of homes they list before placing values on them for the sellers, and subsequently becoming ignorant to possible lurking problems which should’ve been discovered had they taken the time to give those homes a good look-over.  Of course in the end, it’s a very angry buyer who after moving in discovers issues that should’ve been disclosed, and you can be sure there are not very kind words being said about everyone involved on the listing side, and sometimes even the buying side of a home purchase.

My public open house at 24 – 11th St. NE went better than I expected considering how the weather was acting.  From the time I arrived, to near the end of my two hours, there were people coming and going.  Good comments were made which gave me hope that it’ll get sold these coming weeks.  For sure I would love living in a grand home like that which is situated on a double lot with a triple garage.  There were several who didn’t particularly like it having hot water heat, but at least there’s room in its walk-up attic to install a central air unit.  The perfect fit for that home is a younger family with children.

Since I had all my day’s work finished after my public open house, I decided to head out of town to a church I hadn’t visited for several months.  Thank goodness I didn’t dally too long before making my decision because I barely made it before the bells started ringing.   I was happy to find my favorite pew empty which has always “fit” me whenever in attendance.  Isn’t it funny how we humans reach for comfortable spots when in large seating areas?  Over the years, I’ve noticed how some of the older church members bristle when seeing someone already seated in “their” chairs or pews.  Personally, I don’t like being all the way up front or clear in the back unless I’m in a classroom where a very boring instructor is chirping away.  Even today, you can rest assured I look for the farthest corner at the rear if I have to listen to something I’ve already heard twenty times over.

Before heading home, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for tomorrow’s public open house at Prairie Place on 1st.  Whenever I’ve had those remaining units open, I’ve always made sure to offer light refreshments.  You can be sure I’ll be a busy bee those two hours because there’ll be no lounging around for me while there are multiple buyers touring that complex.  I’m sure I’ll have a good day of it, and hopefully there’ll be several who’ll pull the trigger on purchases.  I’ve insisted that once we get that tenth vacant unit sold, all the rest will follow suit.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless.

Joe Chodur

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