Heavenly Wonder

My day at the office started earlier than normal due to my needing to get some things done before the phones started ringing, and one of them being my little job out back of my office where there was far too much paper and plastic I wanted to get picked up that had blown in from heaven knows where.  I was out there longer than I’d planned due to finding all the more things to pick up that was littering the back alley.  To think there are other tenants and business owners coming and going back there, and none of them had the decency to pick it up.  Sometimes I believe there are those who’d work at going around or stepping over trash instead of picking it up and putting it in the garbage.  Perhaps they’re all too glued to their smart phones to even notice.

I was given a long list of homes to inquire about from a buyer yesterday, so this morning I was chasing down the agents to see if they were still available.  I wasn’t surprised to find over half of them sold, and the one’s that were still hanging on the market, were somewhat over-priced.  Several of the ones that hand offers on them were visibly “tricked-out” with HDTV colors and accents.  I’m in the hopes that someday those first-time buyers will wake up and realize many of those improvements are only cheap visuals that were made to incite interest.

One of my appointments today was at my listing in Manly, and wouldn’t you know it, the buyer stood me up. There I sat for 20 minutes and not even an attempt by the buyer to call me.  I called the cell phone number that was given and of course it tripped over to voicemail.  While waiting there, I looked up at the cloud cover and noticed the most beautiful formation above, so I grabbed my camera and snapped the above.  When looking at it, all I could think of was, “Heavenly wonder.” What was really creepy cool about it, was that not two minutes later the “fluffs” in those clouds disappeared, leaving a blank gray sky.

One of my dear old client/customers whom I haven’t seen since winter started, stopped by the office today.  Every time I see him I say, “I can only hope that I’m as delightful as you are when I get to be your age.”  Without a doubt he’s likely on a fast-track to being 90, but his wit, physique, and his overall outlook on life is that of a 50 year old.  I’ve known him for at least 20 years, and I’d say without a doubt, he’s never bad-mouthed anyone in my presence.  There were a few times he’d say something like, “I keep my distance.” whenever on the subject of someone we both knew to be a naughty monkey, but to openly say what or why, never a peep.

I noticed that he must’ve recently been to a dermatologist due to a red spot on his lip and another one on his cheek that looked like there was something removed.  I didn’t ask, but he did later say when pointing to his red spots, “I’m now paying for having spent so much time on the golf course.”  We talked about it a little bit, and it sounds like he’s waiting for the biopsy report.  I’m confident it’s nothing too serious, but I did mention that he must from now on, put sunscreen on before he goes out on the course.  I’m not sure exactly what it was about him today, but he seemed not quite his winsome self.  I chalked it off as likely having not completely shaken off this past wicked winter.

As chance would have it, while driving down near Central Park, I happened to notice a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair.  Having got a good glimpse of him, I was certain he was one of my old schoolmates visiting his mother who has been living in the nursing home for the past two years.  With a little time to spare, I circled the block, parked, and walked up behind him and said, “What you don’t see on a sunny Thursday!”  He turned around and was a bit shocked to see me since it’s likely been at least 20 years from the time we last spoke.

It sounded like all was well with him and his family, and since the weather was good, he decided to fly in from Colorado to see his mom.  I was a bit sad to see his mother having failed greatly since I last saw her.  She was mentioning how she didn’t want to be here anymore and how much she wished her children were closer.  Now if we multiply her wish by all the many others wanting the same, we’d find a whole heck of a lot of lonely seniors living in America.  I did tell her that I’d stop and see her the next time I’m over at the nursing home.  As chance would have it, I sold her and her husband’s two-story home for them when they decided to downsize into a ranch.  Her husband has been gone for likely 7 years.  He was yet another one who was the most kind and caring of people.  I’m sure he’s still greatly missed by many.

My two late showings today went pretty well, and I think one of them is a strong possibility for the buyer.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a call over the weekend to see it again.  I strongly pointed out how exceptionally well-built it was.  It’s a mid-century ranch that was built by a popular contractor back in the 1950’s, and whenever I’ve been in one he constructed, I’m once again reminded how little regard most contractors today have for quality.  I’d still buy one of his before I’d buy new.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  To stick to the way of evil, will only leave one deluded and sad.

Joe Chodur

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