For the Duration

I sure wish the sun would come out again.  These continued days without it seems to make people all the less optimistic.  But of course we all have to have the gray days in order to appreciate the sunny ones.

There wasn’t much happening at the office other than answering the phone and sending emails.  I did receive a call on one of my listings and asking if I could meet her there in 15 minutes, and since I was free, I agreed.  It just happened to be 725 N. Washington which I had open this past Saturday.

When I pulled up, a woman got out of her car and proceeded to say she was looking for a relative who couldn’t make it.  Since she wanted to get a good look at everything, we were there at least 45 minutes.  As always, there’s that being “wowed” by the woodwork, floors and open staircase.  I’m always keen on showing how well the home is built and especially the poured foundation and deep basement.  Whomever the builder was, did an excellent job of making it strong enough to last these long years.

While we were there, she called her relative and relayed what she saw, and then asked if I would have time to show it again at 3:00 pm.  As chance would have it, I did have time to make it after my 1:30 appointment.  She did ask that I get the recent utility bills on it so she’d have an idea of what they run in the winter, so when I got back to the office, I called the seller and asked for them.  He called back later and not to my surprise, they were lower than most people would’ve thought they’d be.

It’s been proven time and again how two story homes that are well insulated, tend to have cheaper heating costs than the one storied, and that’s because a one story has that much more basement area, and as we all know, heat rises.  Personally, I’d much rather live in two storied because they offer more separation between bedroom areas and living areas, and if there’s at least a half bath on the main floor, there’d be no reason for guests to go upstairs.

Sometimes I think people gravitate towards styles of homes they were living in when very young, which is likely why I prefer a two story.  Some of my fondest childhood memories were created in a two story, and will likely stick with me for the duration.

I thought it was curiously odd that during two different conversations today, that front page article in yesterday’s Globe Gazette was mentioned.  One gentleman was very vocal about it to the point of considering it ludicrous.  I can assure you, neither one of them read my daily journal pages, but must’ve also had the same take on it as I did.  Oh well, our times and ways are changing and we just have to learn to live with them.

The second showing of 725 N. Washington went well, and thank goodness the sun was shining just long enough for us to appreciate the light pouring into its main floor solarium.  While seated on one of its window benches, I smiled and said, “Oh if you could only envision what I’d do with this room if I lived here.”  I went on to say I would have plants, cozy armchairs purposely designed for reading, and a bank of bookshelves along one of the walls. I would re-name it my “sanctuary”.

Thank goodness I was notified today that the mortgage releases I’ve been waiting for are coming in a overnight tomorrow from the authorizing bank.  You can be sure I’ll be a happy camper once they’re  filed with our County Recorder and approved by the examining attorney.  Hopefully that’ll be the last mortgage release problem I’ll have to deal with for months to come.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Our acts make or mar us because we are the children of our own deeds.

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