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Since I didn’t go to a religious service yesterday, I thought it my duty to attend one this morning, and having awakened earlier, I figured I’d go to an early one somewhere, so I readied myself and off I went.  It was bit gray and gloomy out while driving Downtown, and couldn’t help noticing how few drivers there were.

When I pulled into the church parking lot, I noticed there weren’t that many cars for it being about five minutes before the bell tolled. Since I was feeling a bit anti-social, I found an area where the pew behind and the one in front was empty, so that’s where I plopped.   I believe it was my Sunday morning to be more of the contemplative mindset which was causing me to turn all the more inward with today’s religious experience.

It may sound like I’m in a bashing mode of our City’s liturgical music directors, but I can’t help but again bring up the subject of how thoughtless they are when picking hymns and religious songs to be played and sung by their congregations.  Today’s was another classic example of someone being in charge of the music, yet having no clue regarding the overall inability of most, to follow syncopated and sing broad-ranged music.  Every single one of the songs they played were quirky, and when looking around, I dare say I didn’t see anyone in eyeshot that was actually singing.  That’s all they were doing was reading along.  Even the Minister wasn’t singing most of the time, and he’s a young one.

That poor devil who was attempting to lead the congregation, had all he could do to follow the pianist.  Not realizing there were three measures of rests on one of them, he jumped in too early and the “oops” was heard by all.  Well, maybe not all, because most don’t follow music that close, but they certainly did notice the pianist wasn’t with him.  I actually felt sorry for him, and for sure he was not in the best of moods after it was all over.

Not long ago, and without thinking, I offered to help someone with their liturgical singing by running thru a few hymns that church sings, but after today, I’ll likely back away because I don’t want to spend all the more time learning something, and then helping another when knowing it’ll end up being a near solo performance.  I hear enough trills, spills, and warbling high-noters without encouraging it all the more.

After church, I stopped at the office to make sure there were no messages waiting, and afterwards, changed my clothes and went to work the rest of the day on things I needed to get done before the warm weather arrives.  I have no problem working indoors during the winter, but I do hate laboring on inside projects when the weather is pleasant.  Spring, Summer and Fall are meant to be enjoyed during our off hours to their fullest, and looking out at it from a window isn’t what I’d call an experience.

When I threw in my rag for the day, I was shocked to find I’d been at it for over seven hours. My how time flies when we tune our minds onto a familiar channel and then flip our bodies over to cruise control.  For the first time this year, I did see several Robins along with a large flock of Blackbirds.  Don’t you think they’re a little early?

On my way home I stopped at Yes Way to get gas, and when I went get my receipt from the cashier, I happened to notice the Globe Gazette on the newsstand. Its headlines and photo made me curious enough to pick it up and read a little of it.  I laid it back down and thought, “What was the purpose of that?”  It read almost like a political candidacy promotion being set to print by one of the Globe’s writers.  Curious me couldn’t keep from going on an online search for a photo of the one who wrote it. Yup, I’d say that “lifting up” was done by one being of a similar age group and like-mindset.  An hour later I ended up reading the entire article online and was still left to wonder what its purpose was for being placed in color on the front page.

While working today, I just happened to find in a hidden corner, a child’s toy which likely hadn’t seen the light of day for 50+ years. I took the above photo of it and I’m sure it’ll incite fond memories with many of you older ones.  Believe it or not, I actually forgot what they’re called, so I went online and finally found a set of them on Ebay.  They’re called, “Children’s wooden toy alphabet and word picture building blocks”. By the looks of those I viewed online, I’d say the above went “missing” very early on.  Back when I was very young, I remember seeing small children playing with them, but personally didn’t have a set of my own. Oh how children’s learning tools have changed, and I’m not so sure if they’re for the better.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When grace is joined with wrinkles, it’s adorable.

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