Pudge and Podge

It was surprising to find it overcast today but at least it did seem to make it up over the predicted 50 degrees.  Being able to go outdoors without layering myself against the cold felt really good while out placing arrow open house signs this morning on the corners near 725 N. Washington.

I actually managed to get only two things accomplished this morning, and they were getting that correspondence proofed and in the mail, and then driving over to Bethlehem Lutheran Church where they were serving Belgian waffles.   After walking in and paying for the ticket, I was surprised to find so many people downstairs that I knew.  Of course I did stop and visit a little bit with them, and thank goodness I did order a take-away because they were nearing their closing time.

When I got back to my office I opened the container and was shocked to find how much it contained.  There were two very large waffles and about six or seven sausage links.  For sure I was glad it was the combination of my breakfast and lunch because it definitely was a meal.  It was quite good, and since it was the first time I’d been to their function, I’ll have to do it again next year.

If you ever have time while their church is open, do take a little tour of the inside.  The main body of the church is quite beautiful, but I also like their chapel which was constructed years later.  The stained glass windows in it are on the side of being modern, and the combination of light and color being cast into the room gives it a contemplative feel.  I was in their chapel several times, and exceptionally taken by it during both visits.

One of my dear clients/customers stopped by today to show me photos of his grandchildren and was beaming all the while he was there. Since I’ve known that family for a very long time, there’s no question they’re going to be the best of parents.  I was so glad he stopped because I hadn’t heard from them in months.

My public open house was somewhat of a success to where there was one couple there who were showing definite interest.  They’d asked some questions I didn’t have the answers to, so I told them I’d get back to them on Monday.  Every person that was there was very impressed with the home which gave me all the hope it’ll sell once this weather straightens out.

I wasn’t very happy after reading the financial news yesterday where they were saying we may possibly be on the brink of another market correction similar to what we had in 2007.  It was mentioned again this morning while over to a building materials supplier who said they’re not getting the orders they normally have this time of year.  I do know we have a nationwide housing shortage, but I’m not sure how much of shortage we have in our area with the exception of homes in the $80K – $125K range.  I’m still hoping there’ll be more in that range coming on the market because if there isn’t, we will definitely be seeing a housing market contraction in Mason City.

One of my dear friends stopped by my public open house today and happened on the subject of all the negative press that’s been published by the Globe Gazette.  I couldn’t help but mention how one particular person over the years has fed our City’s readers with some of the most lop-sided reporting to the point of being ludicrous.  Unfortunately, most of their readers eat it up because they’re ignorant to the other sides of the real stories.  I’m still convinced there are reporters who check the political party affiliation of whomever they’re reporting on, and sometimes that alone will set the stage for more “fake news”.  If I were those reporters, I’d be so ashamed of myself, I wouldn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror.

Several days ago I got into a laughing match with a dear one who stopped by the office just to say, “Hi”.  Having noticed he’d gained a few pounds over the winter, I couldn’t help but say, “It looks like you’ve added a little pudge around your middle since I saw you last.”  He laughed and said, “Are you making fun of my podge?”  I looked at him and asked, “Don’t you mean pudge instead of podge?”  Of course an amusing argument ensued over pudge and podge.  I finally said, “I always thought podge was the definition of someone short and fat, and pudge just referred to being fat, and of you’re definitely not short.”

The ensuing conversation almost became a take-off from that song, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” which Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made popular so many years ago.  We finally both agreed that either pudge or podge is acceptable because both of them refer to fat and we left it at that.  It’s always good to have those near and dear who’re not afraid to tease and get teased in light-hearted ways.  For sure in these times, we all need a little more real laughter in our lives.

Here’s the link of that Astaire/Rogers song I found on YouTube and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did after so many years:

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.

Joe Chodur

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