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Thank heaven we only have one more official winter day to endure before Spring ushers itself in.  I just happened to look at the calendar and noticed that the full moon falls on the vernal equinox.  Hmmm.  I wonder what sort of happenings there will be during these next 24 hours.  Let’s all hope they’ll all be memorably good.

If tomorrow is going to be anything like today, I’d say there are going to be some intense moments between workers, colleagues, along with others in the general public because I absolutely could not believe a phone call I received from an agent today who began chastising me over a simple business-like email I sent.  Wow!

Those who’ve lived and worked around me over these long years, have known for a very long time that I take only so much un-warranted bashing, and then begin kicking back.  More than once I said,  “You tell me exactly what was offensive in that email.”  I just about lost it when she said, “I know what you were doing.”  Oh Mercy!  I’m beginning to think she’s another one who drank the Kool-aid.  Unfortunately, there were far too many barbs thrown at me to where I could feel Mt. Vesuvius beginning to erupt within.  Oh well, perhaps that person will think twice before gleaning thru something I’ve written in search of some sort of hidden insult being levied.

There’s no question narcissism is on the rise, and any time we allow such behavior, it gives them license to lord over all the more people.  Just today I was speaking to someone about how those who believe they’re financially above the crowd, are convinced they can treat others like second class citizens which in my book is terribly wrong.  I believe today’s badger is of that “anything goes”  mindset  because of some skewed idea that we’re now living in a monarchy and she’s a princess. For whatever the real reason was for that call, I’m sending it all down and chalking it up as yet one more lesson in the ways of today’s world.

If any of you know of someone looking to sell a home that has 2 or 3 roomy bedrooms, a single garage, pretty much maintenance free, and willing to sell in the $80K – 100K range, please have them give me a call because I have a buyer who’d likely purchase it. For sure, that type of home is going to be hard to come by if we don’t start getting more listings on the market.  I’m just hoping our Spring market is only being delayed due to the snow.

After all the intervening circumstances these past weeks, I finally got my office bookkeeping finished up, and thank goodness there weren’t any balancing problems.  Oft times in the past when I was behind, I’d be spending all the more hours reconciling accounts that had little errors that had to be found and corrected.

While Downtown this afternoon, I ran into a young man who’s looking at selling his home more sooner than later.  After ten years of enduring naughty neighbors, he thinks it’s time to look for something else.  Since I’ve known his family for generations, I was surprised at the time that he purchased that particular home.  Of course he bought it directly from the seller, and paid a premium for it.  He mentioned making a few more improvements before listing it, but I had to remind him, like I do others, that one must be careful about over-improving because it usually doesn’t give back a 100% return on investment.

While driving away, I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t look at a few other homes before making his decision.  Without knowing for sure, I’d say he was nudged by a family member to buy it, and likely now sorry it was ever mentioned.  Unfortunately people who’re looking at only price tags, don’t realize there’s likely reasons why certain homes are priced the way they are.  I’m sure his home will sell, and I’ll bet it’ll be to someone on a similar socio-economic level as those already living in his neighborhood.

I’ve got a number of emails to return tomorrow, and after that’s done, I’m gonna try and get out there and beat a few bushes for business.

The above photo is another one out of that box I purchased, and what I thought most interesting, is that on the back of it’s written in pencil, “McKenzie Church, borderline of Franklin and Cerro Gordo County”.  Now that would be an interesting research project for some historian because I’ve never heard of church around here with that name.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  There is something awe-inspiring in one who has lost all inhibitions.

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