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I was off to a late start this morning with the a few extra errands I needed to run before I arrived at the office.  I did notice how much closer we’re getting to the vernal equinox with that early morning sun shining right in my eyes.  As I’ve mentioned, just before, during, and after our two equinox periods, is that time when all the more accidents occur due to the rising and setting sun hitting us right in the face on the roads and highways that were built in near exact east/west directions.  Just this morning I was nearly side-swiped by a woman who didn’t notice me almost right beside her when she suddenly decided to change lanes, and certainly due to her side and rear windows being covered with this morning’s frost.  Thank goodness I noticed her turning towards me just in time to slam on my brakes and lay on my horn.

I had a number of phone calls and emails to return as well as setting up showings for other Realtors on some of my listings. I’m glad to finally see more activity taking place in our market, and likely due to our snow melting and temperatures rising.  I sure have been getting a number of phone calls for rentals lately which is possibly due to existing tenants looking for better places to live before summer arrives.

Now that the snow is on its way out, I do hope we can get more interest generated on my listing at 341 S. Carolina Ave.  It’s one of those homes that shows much better because that 1/2 acre yard is something nearly all young couples would certainly enjoy.  Each time I’m that home, I get this “grounded” feeling which tells me it’s got all those sub-conscious human needs filled.

In contrast, my showing this afternoon was a flop, and I knew it would be the moment we walked inside.  It’s clean, has good bones, and a number of updates, but that floor plan was definitely not something you’d write home about.  Whomever had that house built must’ve had certain pieces of furniture that were to be placed in pre-ordained areas because anyone with today’s taste for furnishings, wouldn’t be able to place it where it would comfortably fit.  I did tell the buyer that I’ve been in a great number of homes, and that one’s in possession of a floor plan that I’ve rarely if ever seen.  It had to have been a custom build due to its non-standard features.  I’m going to have to remind the listing agent that a bathroom with only a shower is not a full bath, but rather a 3/4.

I had the most delightful conversation today with a young man who’s a private contractor for one of our area companies.  Somehow we got on the subject of cook wear.  I’d put him somewhere in his early 30’s, and what makes him decidedly different, is that he buys, collects and sells old kitchen utensils and cook wear.  I was shocked when he told me how much he buys, cleans up, and then sells online in just his spare time.  What a great hobby!

It came as no surprise that those things are now back in vogue considering the garbage people buy that’s made in China.  He even showed me photos of some of his items which certainly brought back memories.  I couldn’t have praised him enough for finding yet another market niche, because when you find a “niche” you can take photos of your products and place them on Ebay, and be sure there’s a market for them somewhere out in the cyber universe.  I held out a tool to him that I’ve shown many others who couldn’t guess what it was, and unfortunately he also didn’t know.  I laughed and said, “I figured you too young to have known what it is.”  He was a bit shocked to hear that I actually remember one being used back when I was very young.

I have an appointment with a buyer tomorrow who’s coming to my office to make an offer on a home I showed her.  Hopefully we’ll be able to come together on price and terms. After those many showings, I think she’s finally realized that there really aren’t that many good homes in her price range.  For some reason, I’m still of the belief the home she really wants hasn’t yet been listed.

Now that more of my inventory is going under contract, I’m going to have to get out and start beating the bushes for more listings.  There are several sellers who’re planning on listing when they get their homes readied, but I don’t have anything that I know of coming on this week.  Oh well, it’s only Monday.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  In a real dark night of the soul, day after day, it’s always three o’clock in the morning.

Joe Chodur

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