I Told You So!

There’s not much good to be said about getting continuously rained on before this snow is melted.  Too many times today I felt like a greased pig on ice when trying to get from my car up to the front door of homes I was showing.  I was a bit freaked out when turning down a driveway with a slight decline and suddenly realizing I wouldn’t be able to turn around down there because of that greasy ice, so I slowly backed back up along with having one “yell” of a time getting turned around.  At one point I thought I was going to slide right into a snowbank.  Luckily I baby-stepped my way out of that drive.  Thank goodness I caught myself before driving all the way down because that would’ve been a real exercise in futility.

I heard back this morning from that bank I was looking for a release from, and unfortunately they weren’t the ones to inherit that mortgage, so back I went to my second possibility.  I did find the regional office of that bank, called a number and was hopefully directed to the right department.  It really grinds on me when on the phone with someone from a customer service department who can barely speak English, and the worst of it, she couldn’t even pronounce the letters of the alphabet correctly when giving me their email address.

After about a half hour of composing an email to that bank and then placing in an attachment, a copy of the opinion of title, I sent it off.  About two hours later, I went back and checked my email to make sure that it didn’t come back as “undeliverable”.  You can be assured that if I don’t hear from them first thing tomorrow morning, I’ll be on the phone with them again because in my email, I stressed the importance of getting that release prepared and sent to our County Recorder’s office more sooner than later.

I even went to the length of calling a banker here in Mason City whom I thought worked at that bank at one time, but unfortunately he wasn’t on the scene during those years.  While I was on the phone with him, we had a good chat about the good old days of banking where you were able to talk face to face with real people.  This pressuring of everyone to do their banking online is just another ploy to get rid of more employees and make more money.  If and when artificial intelligence starts taking un-supervised control of companies, that’s when I’ll be shaking my finger and screaming, “I told you so!”

Thank goodness there are a few like-minded people in the world who demand real paper statements to be mailed.  This business of buying and doing banking online is just setting oneself up for online fraud.  I just spoke to a gentleman today who was recently a victim of credit card fraud.  He couldn’t believe how easily he was scammed to where he’s now all the more wary of swiping his card or giving out his card’s information.  All it takes to become a believer, is for it to happen to you just once.

One of my dear clients called today to let me know that her visit to the doctor’s office was a mixed blessing.  She’s been having some issues that could be corrected by surgery and the doctor said he could do it, but on the flip-side, he also told her that the recovery time is long, but also unable to guarantee it would never coming back.  His recommendation was to exercise more, and earnestly start and stick to, a long-term weight loss program.   If only everyone would realize that excess weight can create chronic problems that are very hard to manage–especially when you’re older.

She teased me when saying, “How do you know what it feels like to be heavy because you’ve always been lean?”  I laughed when replying, “I do know what it feels like to carry a twenty pound bag of softener salt under each arm while going down steps, so I think I have a pretty good idea what it must feel like to carry 40 lbs of excess weight around all day.”  And to think there are people who’re even more overweight.

That early morning project I’d planned on having done right away, got pushed into the afternoon due to more critical business regarding that missing mortgage release.  I did get it finished late this afternoon and in the mail just before my 5:00 pm appointment.  Yeah!  One more lingering little “to do” is off my plate.  Now I have but one last group of letters to compose and get sent off in the morn.

The rest of tomorrow is pretty much on hold because I have a buyer flying in from out of State to look at one of my listings, so it’s a “must” I’m available when he calls. I’m going to stay hopeful he likes what he sees in person even more than what those photos I posted online were showing.

Thank goodness that monster storm to the west of us isn’t affecting our State as much as it is Nebraska and the Dakotas.  Do stay safe and off that greasy ice tomorrow.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Trust those not with your secrets, who, when left alone in your room, turn over your papers.

Joe Chodur

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