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Oh if this weather isn’t enough to make a person want to get in a car and start driving south until there’s no more snow to be found.  I’ve been telling a few familiars that Mother Nature is punishing those of in North Iowa for some reason these past five or more years.  If it’s not the late heavy snows, it’s those strong straight-line winds, and if it’s not the wind, it’s the over-abundance of rain.  Now think about it. In 2008 we had a 500 year flood take place, but ten years later, we had similar flooding.  A bit beyond chance wouldn’t you say?

Just today I worked on getting the last of the ice off the sidewalks in front of my office, and wouldn’t you know it, before I left for the day, I was shoveling another two or more inches of really heavy snow off the sidewalks I had just cleared!  For sure our snow removal people are raking in some fat checks this season.

After getting my full week’s list of duties finished up late yesterday, I was finally able to make time to sit down and get a stack of bills paid that were piling up.  Thank goodness I managed to get them all paid and in the mail before heading off to my public open house.

Just in case there aren’t that many visitors, I nearly always make sure I have something to read with me whenever hosting a public open house.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, in my haste to get out the door, I forgot to grab something.  Of course the weather wasn’t the least bit cooperative for a normal attendance, so yours truly found himself fighting to keep from falling asleep.  The first hour was dead, and for some reason I did happen to doze off for about five minutes, and of course I was awakened by the sound of the front door opening.  It was a rarity for someone to catch me shut-eyed.

The last hour was busy which I was glad for, and the people in attendance stayed longer because of their interest.  It’s amazing how many people are now looking for four bedroom homes.  One of the buyers was disappointed there wasn’t another toilet, but I did mention that it would be an easy install in the basement laundry room.  Many in the general public believe adding a stool in a standard basement is very expensive.  I’ve known of owners paying somewhere around $750 – $1,000 for the addition of one, and that included jack-hammering the floor and then pouring new concrete over the newly installed drain pipes.

I did mention to one of the buyers that far too many of our young are fearful of making repairs because they’ve never been taught, nor any idea of costs of having those improvements made.  You can bet those “flippers” have certainly found their market niche because they know that there are all the fewer buyers out there who can’t, or won’t make those “lipsticked” changes.  If they weren’t making a good profit on “flipping”, they sure wouldn’t be spending the time and money to do it.

Another Realtor has an appointment to show that 4-plex I have listed at 425 – 1st St. NE tomorrow afternoon which created a task for me to go over and let all the tenants know that their units are going to be shown tomorrow afternoon.  That conversion is begging for someone to buy it, get rid of the tenants, and then restore it to the original family home it once was.  For sure it would be a labor of love, but once complete, it would be a knock-out.  One of the tenants embarrassed me when coming to the door with nearly nothing on but his birthday suit.  And to think it was nearing noontime!  Sometimes I believe there are those who get their jollies out of the initial shock of someone seeing them scantily clad.

I decided to take in a church service later this afternoon here in the City.  I normally don’t attend their Services, but considering today’s weather, I figured I might as well go.  It was pretty much as I’d expected with the exception of having by chance found myself behind a woman whom I sold her first home to about 25 years ago.  Believe it or not, she’s still living there and enjoying it all the more.  While walking out she insisted I stop if I’m in the neighborhood because she wants me to see all the improvements she’s made on it since I sold it to her.

Let’s hope this snow we’re getting isn’t going to be so much that I can’t get out in the morning because tomorrow is my turn to play for St. Paul Lutheran Church.  Earlier this week I went over and ran thru the hymns so to be prepared for tomorrow. With it now being Lent, tomorrow’s music is more quiet and reflective.  As I mentioned some weeks ago, I’m getting all the more comfortable with their vintage pipe organ.  There’s one pipe that likes to stick, but fortunately I now know which pedal key it is, so I give it a good tap tap tap, and she’s back to normal.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music.

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