Political Vigilantes

Yeah!  The temps got a little above freezing today and finally the snow is beginning to melt. There were quite a few business owners out in the Downtown scraping and shoveling off the ice that finally started loosening.  Can you believe in less than four months it’ll already be the 4th of July?  Yes, it’s a bit sad seeing this March not being a normal one because it’s going to take a whole lot of melting for it to get to the point of seeing grass and soil.  All I can say is, “Get ready for a whole lot of mud’in.”  Or perhaps this old saying is more fitting which goes, “Out of the puddles and into the ponds.”

There just happened to be a flood of listings hitting the market today to where there were in fact twelve of them.  After taking a good look at all of them, I’d say a number were well-worn rentals that an owner is dumping, some that appeared over-priced, and several more that were in that near half million range as well as one over a million.  Now answer me truthfully.  How can someone living in North Iowa justify paying well over a million dollars for a home on Clear Lake?  I’d say whomever pays that kind of money for a residence on its shores have either got more money than brains, or out to impress the world by saying they paid over a “mill” for something.  If someone tried to impress me in such a fashion, that’s all I’d likely say is, “Really? How nice.”  Of course I’d be internally chiding them for making such ostentatious gestures of their supposed wealth.

Now let’s talk about the subject of wealth.  In our times the word wealth is used almost exclusively in the context of money or valuable possessions that can readily be converted to cash such as gems and precious metals.  Since I was “blessed” by being forced to attend a very conservative school during my formative years, the word wealth was more often used in far broader contexts.  For example. Have you ever heard anyone speaking about an honest to goodness book containing a wealth of information?  And have you ever considered someone very well and broadly educated as being one whose mind contained a wealth of knowledge?  You’re now getting a glimpse of how our world has become all the more money driven to where learning, understanding, and spiritual fulfillment takes a back seat to another’s ability to make money.

We all know it only takes so much money to keep our homes warm, lamps lit and stomachs filled.   In fact, we only require a large enough home which provides a functional kitchen, a necessary number of bedrooms, one bathroom, and a few comfortable pieces of furniture.  Now if these key ingredients are the only things necessary for us to tell everyone that our home-lives are comfortable, then why is it, so many more insist on all the more?  I’m sorry to say the American Dream does not include owning a grossly over-built and terribly expensive home that borders on being a museum displaying one’s ability to conspicuously consume.  Not cool.

Believe it or not, I managed to get all my prescribed tasks completed for the week before  closing time today.  I’d say it was definitely one of those weeks where I filled nearly every free moment with work because I definitely did not want to be heading into the weekend with unfinished tasks.  I even had time to compose a very long response to a letter I received last week and actually got it in the mail before today’s out-going cutoff.

Later this afternoon a young gentleman stopped by to drop off some documents I’d been waiting for, and for some reason we ended up in conversation regarding the political climate in our United of States.  The hot topic of our discussion which I couldn’t help but agree with, is the way in which several of our newly elected Representatives are creating firestorms by saying things which they know fully-well are going to create all the more discord, yet they continue to do it for purposes of attracting attention to themselves.

Whatever happened to decorum?  There’s one particular female U.S. Representative in possession of a very sharp tongue which she freely uses in the most theatrical of manners.  I’m sorry to say she’s on an overload of something which seems capable of inciting all the more off-the-wall responses from her so-called “posse” of followers.  People who use radical ideas to draw attention, are in my mind nothing less than political vigilantes.  They give themselves license to do and say anything they want because they’re being noticed, and oft times acknowledged by those ignorant souls who enjoy watching and listening to her performances.  Oh Mercy, and don’t think she isn’t making coin off of her tirades!  What would Walter Cronkite now have to say about the current state of our Nation?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  We are not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leaders.

Joe Chodur

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