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The day went by much faster than I’d expected, but as we all know, if one stays busy enough, the hours move quickly.  Of course with last night’s light snowfall, I had a block of time spent on shoveling.  Thank goodness I dressed warm enough because that northwest wind was blowing just hard enough to get my glasses frosted, so back in my pocket they went.

My mid-morning appointment was to show 336 – 26th St. SW to buyers I’ve been working with, and from what I could gather, they seemed interested.  I told them to give it some good thinking over, and if they wanted to see it again, I’d open it back up for them.  It really is quite the well-built home that’s had a great amount of care taken over the years which to me is very evident.  Unfortunately, many of our younger buyers don’t look for the nuts and bolts of homes they’re looking at online.  Even when walking thru them, they oft times have to be educated.

One of the highlights of my day was running into a gentleman who happens to be one of the professionals I’ve done some work for over the years, and for some reason I never did have the opportunity to speak to him in person.  Well, today was my lucky day when having run into him at a coffee shop.  Of course he recognized me about as quickly as I did him, and when I walked up to him I said, “It looks like the mountain must go to Mohammed.”  I think I startled him a little because he asked why.  I teasingly said, “I’ve sometimes felt you’ve been avoiding any personal contact with me.”  Of course I had to admit that I was over-doing it, and we did have a very good chat.  I walked away exceptionally thankful I decided to stop for a half cup of java.

Another encounter I had was with a long-time friend whom I make a point to visit on occasion.  Having about an hour free, I gave him a ring and found him home and asked if I could stop over.  He wasn’t in the middle of anything so off I went.

I’m not sure how we managed to get on the subject of religion, but we did and for the strangest of reasons he asked, “Now tell me Mr. Chodur, what is your opinion regarding someone who’s lead a stinker of a life up until about say 40, and then decided they’d found religion and lived out the remainder of years diligently following all the rules of whatever church that person decided to embrace?”  Of course before I could answer, he then posed another question by asking, “Now say someone followed a strict religious belief up until say 50, and then for some reason, entered the realm of what you would consider the dark side. So with these two examples, what do you think is going to happen to those people when they go to meet their Maker?”  Don’t you think those were quite the 12 gauge double-barreled questions that was aimed at me from a point-blank range?

After looking out his living room window while thinking for a moment or two, I turned to him and said, “I believe we’re all born with spiritual roadmaps that were handed down to us at birth that were partially created from the union of the soul/spirits of our parents, and during out lifetimes we’re attempting to follow those sketchy maps, but once in a while we veer off in directions in attempts to reach all the closer to the lights of goodness, or we find ourselves taking chances when exploring realms of darkness.  With that said, I believe we will be judged by how, at certain moments, we sub-consciously “knew” the wrongs we were doing, but did them anyway which in my mind is what defines the great sin of acedia, and if we really don’t care anymore about something we say we don’t care about, then that’s when “judgements” are levied.  And when asking about those who’ve in later years embraced religious laws, I’d say they’re also in the same boat because if they hadn’t gone back in some fashion or other in attempts to make right those many bad things they knowingly did, they’ll still be hanging out there for the rest of their lives, and again the core moments of turning away will be judged.”

I couldn’t believe the only response I got from him was a bit of a smirk and an “I see.”  The subject was changed and we continued on with our visit.  As I was driving away, I thought to myself, “Mr. Chodur, the nest time you’re visiting with him, ask why such heavily loaded questions were posed.”

Please don’t chide me, or think me someone who’s trying to change the beliefs of others, because I’m not.  Irregardless of what anyone says, each and every person has their own personal interpretations of sin and judgement, so tonight, you’re reading mine.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Whenever there is fear involved, you will get wrong figures, and sometimes even wrong answers.

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