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Another day in snowy North Iowa  arrived with all the more to be shoveled.  Thank goodness I was proactive about keeping at it yesterday while it was coming down.  The cold was biting until the sun rose high enough to warm the air.

It wasn’t the busiest of days in Real Estate considering it was President’s Day which meant all our Government offices and banks were closed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people with the day off taking day trips to either Des Moines or Minneapolis.  Having heard we’re supposed to get more snow starting tomorrow, I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to get out of town for a day.

I’ve been noticing these past several days all the more damage being done to evergreen trees around town by these vile herds of deer we’re cursed with.  I had a crazy thought when remembering how in Africa they have what I believe are called “beaters” who create wide circles in the bush and start beating their way inward to flush out game.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot if some of our hunters would take quadrants of our City and drive them beyond our City limits where there’d be hunters waiting to bag them?

While planning ahead for the weekend, I decided to have a public open house at 341 S. Carolina Ave on Saturday afternoon.  Since we now have 321 S. Carolina sold and closed, I believe it’s 341’s turn.

As we get closer to Spring, people will be getting the itch to have a garden and what better place to create one’s own organic home-grown vegetable and fruit garden.  I just happened to read an obituary not long ago speaking of a near 100 year old lady, and in the obit is stated that one of her great loves was gardening, and from the sounds of it, she went the whole route with freezing and canning her harvests.  I wouldn’t be surprised she lived to be so old by eating all the more healthy foods from her yearly gardens.

One of the buyers I’ve been recently working with mentioned how just in the past two years, they started having a garden and enjoying every moment of it.  One of the prerequisites for their new home is a place where they can have a good-sized vegetable garden.  No matter what anyone says, the taste of home grown is much better than what you’d find in a store or market, and don’t think love doesn’t have something to do with it.

I showed a home today to a gentleman who’s moving here from New Mexico and one of the questions he asked was, “Are winters here normally like this?”  I had to give an affirmative nod but then added, “When the snow and cold is gone, our weather is delightful, and if you like greenery, you’ll see plenty of it.”  I did add that this is the worst time to get a good impression of North Iowa unless one is really into outdoor activities that involve snow and cold.

While driving today, I discovered one of the belts in my engine broke which got me a bit stirred up, but fortunately I was able to drive it to the repair shop I normally use.  Thank goodness they were able to work me in and get me back on the road before my next appointment.  I mentioned to the mechanic how it never seems to fail that when something breaks, it just has to be in the wintertime.  I’m still very grateful I was able to drive it out there instead of finding myself stranded on street or highway.

Several days ago I went out and scooped up enough clean snow to fill six 5 gallon buckets and then took them in the back of my office to thaw.  After waiting several days, I now have two buckets of “snow water” for my office plants.  They’ve been screaming at me these past days for water.  I never give them tap water due to the chemicals in it that’s not good for them.  I did happen to notice one of the geraniums sending out a single small red bloom which appeared almost florescent against its green backdrop.  I’m going to have a large number of geraniums to plant in flower beds once we’re past overnight frosts.

I took the above photo this evening of our February full moon, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s called the “Snow Moon”.  Thank goodness we have only a week and a half more of this month and then we’ll be sailing into March.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination.

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