Out of Season

When I awakened around midnight and looked outdoors, I was shocked to see it snowing and even more so when I got up this morning.  I distinctly remember reading the forecast several days ago and it mentioned “possible” light snow.  Well, I’d say today’s snow was definitely not a light dusting.  I won’t be surprised to hear after it finally stops, the amount we’ve received will be between eight and ten inches.

I’m sure many of you were doing the same thing I was doing on and off all day–shoveling.  I was out at my front walk at the office three times, and for sure I’ll have to shovel again in the morning.  Oh well, we’re still in the clutches of winter so that’s all we can do is work at living thru it.

Since I didn’t attend a church service yesterday afternoon, I was compelled to attend an early one this morning.  I’m finding myself becoming all the more noticing of those little things of which I normally pay no attention.  The two readings were read by two separate individuals, and both of them didn’t read exactly what was written, and then while the pastor was reading the gospel, I noticed he wasn’t following exactly what was written as well.  I think in the future I’m going to stop following along in their book because my train of thought is broken every time I hear something different from what I’m reading.

I’ve decided whomever schedules their music must be trying to get that congregation to start singing more new-age music, and when hearing so few people even attempting to sing several religious songs that were filled with broad ranges and syncopation, I’d say it’s going to be a loosing battle.  Who on earth wants to sing music like that so early in the morning?  I even noticed the pianist was having a few difficulties when playing the accompaniment.  Perhaps I’m just too old fashioned when preferring to hear and sing traditional songs and hymns that are easy on ears and voices.  You know there is a reason those traditional hymns have survived for many generations.

Some years ago when I was more involved in religious music, I attended a workshop in Cedar Rapids, and the one thing the presenter insisted on, was to never try to teach a congregation more than two new hymns per year.  The music director at the time let that go in one ear and out the other because she continued to schedule all the more new music to be played and sung at their Services.  After being more involved in a music department those many years, I firmly believe that many musicians are temperamental and overly sensitive.

During my time of involvement, a music director began scolding me for doing something that was exceptionally insignificant, and after I took about so much of it, I became resolute and told her she was being overly critical for no reason while refusing to back down.  Well, I’m pretty sure to this day she’s still grinding an axe for me.  Power is another form of giggle water that can make people all the more drunk.

In spite of today’s snowstorm, I managed to keep my two appointments to show homes this afternoon.  Oh if I don’t hate it when sellers don’t keep their walks shoveled. Fortunately one of the buyers had some arctic boots on and was good enough to make a path for the rest of us.  More than once I told him he was a gentleman, and the last time I said it, he responded, “It didn’t come naturally because my mother beat it into me when I was young.”  Irregardless, I’m glad he didn’t forget.

We spent quite a bit of time in the home they were the most interested in due to the fact that it’s in desperate need of cosmetics.  I did all I could to help with visualizations of what it could look like.  I had to agree that if they could get it for a good price, it would be worth the effort.

While out shoveling today, a Red Oak leaf kept floating around while I was throwing snow.  First it would be in one spot, and before I knew it, the wind had it back in front of  me again.  It was as if it was trying to attract my attention.  After it did its little dance for the third time, I stopped, went into office, and grabbed my camera to take a photo of it.  I was certain it had already been whisked away, but there it remained.  The above photo is the one I took of that lone out of season Red Oak leaf that seemed to be begging for attention.  I dare say it does appear to be somewhat photogenic. Don’t you agree?

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend, and please be careful when driving tomorrow because I’ve noticed the streets are getting greasy again.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Shared joys make a friend, not shared sufferings.

Joe Chodur

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