Frigid Friday

As I was driving to work I viewed yet another spectacular set of sun dogs in the eastern sky.  This morning’s was a repeat of a set I spotted about two weeks ago.  Never before in my life have I seen them as large as they have been this year.  It must be yet another by-product of climate change.

I’m not considering myself so special when identifying climate changes, but there really aren’t that many living here who’ve been relatively close to nature in North Iowa their entire lives along with never hesitating to speak about them. One of the changes that scares me the most are those strong straight-line winds that started happening about seven years ago.  They’ve already done a huge amount of damage to trees, buildings and homes in our area.

Both of my closings happened without hitches and certainly glad for that because they both had title issues that had to be corrected.  It’s become a crap shoot whenever believing there will or will not be any title problems with the sale of a given home.  One of today’s had estate issues and the other had a divorce issue.  Thank goodness the attorneys were quick to get those problems resolved so we could close them out.

Without a doubt, the only down-side of selling one of my listings during these frigid months is the “yell” of a time I have getting my signs out of the ground.  One of today’s was being difficult to where I just left my torch laying next to the steel stakes for about 10 minutes each until Mother Earth finally let go of her frozen grip on it.  I’m sure the passersby must’ve wondered what on earth I was doing with my for sale sign.  Most don’t realize how beastly they can be when imbedded in frozen soil.

Earlier this week I was reminded how so many people are living from pay to pay.  A gentleman whom I know stopped by on Monday and embarrassingly asked if I knew anything about these “quick cash” joints that are around town.  I told him from what I’ve heard they have exceptionally high fees on their payday loans.  Curious me asked why he questioned. He admitted he was flat broke until Friday which was when he’d get his paycheck.  I asked how much he needed and he sheepishly replied, “$30.00”.  I looked in my wallet and found I had only $25.00 on me and said, “I can loan you the $25 I have.”  When I handed it to him I said, “Don’t think I’ll forget, and for sure don’t make me have to call you on Friday to come and pay me back.”  Around 3:00 pm today he arrived at my office and handed me the $25 while thanking me for loaning it to him.  All I said was, “Glad I could be of help.”

What makes me sad about him and others in similar situations, is that he’s about seven to ten years away from Social Security and still living from pay to pay.  There’s no question the divide between the have’s and have-not’s is growing all the wider to where I’m afraid our middle class is on its way out and our Country is going to be left with too many more millions dependent on the very few.

One of my friends and I happened to be visiting about how to identify the markings of a sociopath.  Believe me, there are more out there than we want to admit and for sure I distance myself from them whenever possible.  Since he wasn’t familiar with the tell-tale signs, I printed out the following ten “symptoms”.  The one that’s the most noticeable is number 1, but certainly you’ll find other numbers that go along with the behavior of a given person in question.  They examples are as follows:


10 Superficial Charm.  They’ll wow you with their words and gestures, but it’s all fake at the end of the day.

9 Manipulative.  They’ll get you to do whatever best serves their goals, and then cast you aside once you no longer serve a purpose to them.

8 Shallow Emotions.  They can’t really feel too deeply because that would make them vulnerable and expose them to other people as a normal human being, which they despise.

7 Lack of Empathy.  They’re unable to understand your feelings, or experience most feelings with you.

6 Narcissistic.  They’re extremely selfish and crave the admiration from others. Unfortunately, because they’re so damn charming, they’re showered with that admiration constantly.

5 Infidelity.  Don’t ever trust that they will be faithful: it’s not in their nature. They thrive on the attention and admiration they get from others and what better way to get that gratification by having sex with someone who thinks they’re amazing.

4 Incapable of real human attachment to another.  They prefer to keep two-faced and  superficial people close to them because they’re the only ones who won’t care that there’s no genuine connection, and they can create a relationship with those people where each uses the other for their own selfish purposes. Not symbiotic: more like mutual parasitisism!

3 Unable to feel remorse or guilt.   No matter how terribly they treat you and how sad you feel about it, they’ll never feel bad about it themselves.

2 Incapacity for Love.  Since their emotions are so shallow, love- one of the deepest emotions of all- is something that they will not likely be able to experience (well, except maybe for themselves).

1 They don’t perceive that anything is wrong with them.  This is the most frustrating one, because you’ll never get them to see the err of their ways, no matter what you do or say. Which, is why if you meet one of these people, you just have to RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!


After reading the above, I’m sure while getting yourselves warmed up and snuggled in on this frigid Friday evening, some of the names and faces of people you know end up being dead-ringer sociopaths.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The obscure we do see eventually, but the completely obvious seems to take longer.

Joe Chodur

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