2019 Valentine’s Day

I was shocked to see how quickly our weather changed when seeing it went from a delightful morning and afternoon, to a very windy evening.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the roads started drifting over.  Hopefully our City workers will be out early enough in the morning to get the open-road areas plowed out so people can get to work.

The woman who was at my office earlier this week and tearfully asking my advice, stopped by this afternoon to thank me for directing her to the appropriate offices to get her problem resolved.  She was all smiles and exceptionally thankful her scary problem got corrected before it got all the worse.  Believe me, I was just as happy as she was because I felt terribly sad for her that day.

One of the conversations I had with a business person today regarded how much more emboldened people are becoming by placing information regarding their achievements and abilities out into the cyber universe which are grossly inaccurate.  While she was telling me about a particular person’s shenanigans, I remembered a similar situation where a young man so innocently relied on the on-line reviews of a company’s products, and then after buying one of them, found it defective and poorly made, and then having a devil of a time getting at least some of his money back.

Most people don’t know that there are businesses who pay extra for web ranking and bogus personal reviews.  I know of several right here in North Iowa who’re doing it which I consider nothing less than false advertisement.  For years I’ve cautioned people about making themselves and their achievements appear to be far more than what they really are.  One would think that after all the recent national attention that’s being focused on “fake” news that’s making it’s way into our society, people would be all the more careful about believing everything they read.  Remember the old saying, “If it appears too good or too fantastic to be true, then it’s likely not.”

A number of years ago a businessperson used to puff himself up by purchasing billboard space and newspaper ads just so to dupe the general public into believing he was the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel.  Yes, there were those who fell for his “fake” successes, but in time, the general public finally wised up.  Once again, and I’ll likely say it in the future, “When doing research online, do everything you can to cross check for accuracy–especially when it has to do with making major financial decisions.”

If there was one good deed I performed today, I’d say it was borrowing my plunger from the office to an older gent who was having problems with his toilet not flushing properly.  Of course yours truly had to ask, “You mean to tell me you don’t own a plunger?”  Telling me he didn’t because he’d never needed one before, didn’t set very well with me.  I’m still a bit concerned about how all the less proactive our general public has become regarding those basic “what if” scenarios.

With that said.  Just think of how few people in these times carry a blanket in their cars during winter.  Do you know anyone who has a flashlight that works, a small first-aid kit, a few basic tools, an ice scraper, a small shovel and broom in his or her vehicle during our frigid months?  It may scare the “yell” out of you if you begin randomly asking colleagues, friends and relatives.  I still believe it’s better to be overly prepared than under because we never know when the unexpected suddenly happens.

Before calling it a day, I made sure I had everything prepared for my two closings tomorrow.  One of the buyers is coming from out of town and I’m gonna remain confident he’ll not be delayed by tonight’s Alberta clipper.

I’m hoping you all had a delightful 2019 Valentine’s Day while creating all the more heartfelt memories. We must always remember that oft times the smallest of gestures make the most lasting impressions.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those where it’s either awesome or it’s a downer.

Joe Chodur

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