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Thank goodness the wind stopped blowing, but soon realized this morning I had to do some re-shoveling due to overnight drifting. At least the sun was shining brightly which made the cold more bearable.  Having not seen it in some days, it seemed all the brighter.

There was a monthly MLS meeting that began at 8:00 am this morning which was being held on the 3rd floor of the Chamber of Commerce Center.  First Citizen’s Bank hosted the event by having a bagel bar with just about everything you could think of to eat and drink.  I copiously thanked those two loan officers from First Citizen’s for going all out again.

I know I may sound like I’m bashing a local bank, but without question First Citizen’s does light years more giving back in our community than Clear Lake Bank and Trust.  As successful as Clear Lake B & T has been in Mason City these recent years, one would think they’d take notice and do some serious giving back themselves.

Without going into any detail, I was reminded again how idiotic some people can be when thinking they can flush anything down a toilet.  After getting into a bit of an argument with someone over the dangers of putting wet-wipes down sewers, I can say there’s another person in our community who was brought fully up to speed.

It seems all the more people are using them and subsequently flushing them down their stools which is creating havoc with all the more sewer lines as well as waste water treatment plants. I read a very scary article about a year ago regarding the huge problems London is having with them in their sewer systems.  I was told today that a main sewer line that had been in a family for over 35 years was fully plugged because of their build-up.  For some reason the British are quite taken by wet-wipes, and in my conversation today, I insisted that no matter what the manufactures of wet-wipes say about the safety in disposal of them in toilets, they’re completely wrong.  So if you see the brand name “Equate” saying they can be flushed, don’t believe it, because I personally viewed the damage today.

My afternoon was spent working on several files that are due to close the end of this week, as well as another one set for later this next.  Since one of my sellers lives out of town, I had to get some docs sent out for signatures.  I have an anxious buyer wanting to get it closed so I’m doing all I can to make it happen.

One of the 300K+ listings I had last year which I placed on the market after the high-end season was nearly over, was listed by another agent several weeks ago, and I just heard today that a corporate move-in purchased it a few days ago.  As much as I hate being right, I distinctly remember telling the seller at the time, about that sector of the market being weak at the time and if it were listed right after the first of the year, it would likely sell, and sell it did.

I’m not having a sour grapes attitude over it because it’s not worth bothering my brain, but I do hope that seller remembers what I said as well as all the extra time and effort I put into marketing that home, and if there’s not the slightest little “pang” over all my efforts, then I guess that’s just one more example of how people of all ages are becoming self-centered.

Late last night I received a call from a person whom I’d asked earlier to find me the number of one of my old relatives.  I’d heard she was planning on moving here but never heard from anyone so I took the initiative to find out.   Thank goodness he got her number and gave it to me.  Later this afternoon I called her and asked if I could stop for a short visit.  My “short” visit ended up being over two hours which I fully enjoyed and I think she did too.

I’m glad I was able to make her laugh when recalling some comical happenings that took place in our family so very many years ago.  She even said, “You know, I used to laugh and joke all the time when I was younger, but I don’t have much to laugh and joke about anymore.”  I promised to help get her back in the swing of it, and as I was leaving she said,  “You have to come back soon, and the next time you’re here, I want you to play something for me.”  My visit with her was the highlight of my day, and I hope she felt the same.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Unhappy is he whom the memories of childhood bring only fear and sadness.

Joe Chodur

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