Like a Quiet Kitten

I guess I was off by about 24 hours when thinking it was going to snow last night when now seeing it starting to snow.  There were appointments cancelled earlier today because of a winter weather advisory which claimed we were supposed to be getting up to eight inches starting this afternoon.

One of my first jobs this morning was to get the snow shoveled which I’d put off when thinking there would be more this morning. I still can’t believe how crazy some people drive on those greasy Downtown streets.  I had to hold my breath today when a big pickup truck was coming up on me too fast and not being in total control of his vehicle. I’m convinced there are some young men who really enjoy testing fate with such reckless driving.  They want everyone to notice them, but when they get in an accident which is usually due to their stupidity, they squeal like piggies.

One of my past clients stopped by my office today to have me read some documents she received in the mail, and while in conversation, she mentioned how she’d done such a great amount of damage to the rear-end of her car when backing out of a driveway and into a snowbank.  She was in tears over all the unfortunate things that’ve happened to her so far this year.  I gave her as much advice as I could as well as encouraging her to just stay strong and get thru her weeks of troubles.  Thank goodness she left my office in better spirits than when she arrived.

My listing appointment was cancelled today due to a conflict the seller was having, so I guess it won’t be until later this week when we can get together.  I have all the docs ready for signatures so that’s all I’ll need to do is get them signed, rooms measured, and photos taken.  Perhaps it’s a good thing it’ll be later in the week since we’re supposed to be getting snow again tomorrow.

The calculator I normally use in my office died last Friday, and thankfully I did have another one in storage which I brought out, cleaned up, and changed ribbons.  It’s an old model that doesn’t have a screen on it, but that doesn’t bother me at all because when I worked in a bank many years ago, I used one very much like it and that one did all I needed it to do.  Sometimes it’s better to have simpler machines with real working parts instead of all those micro-chips and LEDs.  I don’t even want to think how many of the “new age” calculators Holtz Realty went thru over the years during the time we had a very large number of rentals being managed by our office.

Fortunately I had enough free time today to get all my mailings sent out to a group of people.  I knew it was going to take some time collecting names and getting envelopes addressed, but I got them finished and delivered to the Post Office before the 6:00 pm  mail deadline.  After writing all those names and addresses, I’d say I did enough cursive writing equivalent to a very long letter.  After today’s little project, I decided it best to remain diligent in keeping up on my handwritten correspondences.

I read a deeply troubling article today about how many of the “helpful” insects are disappearing in developed nations due to urbanization and the use of pesticides on crops.  I’ve known for some time that our honey bee populations are dwindling at a rapid pace, but I didn’t know other necessary insects are dying off as well.  It didn’t make me very happy when the author said that there will be an even greater rise in the numbers of cockroaches and flies.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually started using my cloth grocery bag which had been put away for a number of years.  I ran across it several days ago and said to myself, “Don’t you think it’s time for you to do a little more in preserving our natural resources?”  I guess I must’ve finally listened because I’ve used it twice already and like it.  I’m convinced that if more people would use them, it would catch on with nearly everyone. Europeans have used cloth shopping bags for many years and I think it about time we get caught up with their earth-friendly programs.

You’re all going to think me possessed when I tell you that not long ago I purchased a vintage GE refrigerator for my office and will certainly never tell how far I drove to get it.  The one I had was always getting on my nerves whenever hearing it run, so I delivered it last week to someone in need of one.  Frost-free refrigerators can be the noisiest at times, and for some reason, I’ve never been able to stand hearing them run.

Well, my replacement definitely needs a paint job, but I could care less because it purrs like a quiet kitten and I’m delighted.  It happened to have it’s manual with it and believe it or not, it’s General Electric’s 1941 Deluxe model.  I just plugged it in several days ago and seems to be working just fine, and if it doesn’t show any signs of problems, I may end up having it re-painted. It still has the original ice trays and even a butter compartment with its own temperature settings.  That gem definitely brings back fond memories, and I guess it was meant to be my office fridge because the seller called me and said he’d received many calls on it after I agreed to buy it and was concerned that I wasn’t going to follow thru on our agreement.  I simply told him, “We made a bargain and I will be there the day and time we agreed upon.”  Enough said.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming.

Joe Chodur

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