Each One Of Us

Nearly my entire day was spent in my office or somewhere nearby.  I figured it was time to get some organizing and cleaning done while some free time was available.  It’s amazing how quickly the hours pass while focusing all the more on getting things accomplished.

I did take an hour or two break to go and help someone with a little project that needed more than two hands.  I think we spent just about as much time visiting as working but that was just fine when realizing a little laughter did help to brighten our gray day.

I wasn’t happy to see the snow because I thought it wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow, and for sure I did absolutely no shoveling because I won’t be surprised if we get more overnight.

My mid-morning appointment tomorrow is to list a home and I’m confident it’ll sell relatively quickly since it has many features most first-time buyers are looking for.  The last time I was there, I couldn’t believe how well maintained the home was.  The seller kept asking me if there was something I thought in need of attention until I finally said to her, “My job would be a whole lot easier if all my listings were in such great condition.”  It just goes to show there are still people living amongst us who continue to maintain high standards regarding the maintenance and upkeep of their homes.

A well known of mine called today whom I haven’t spoken with for some time.  Unfortunately he’s been under the weather with a raging cold.  People think only those living in the frigid zones catch colds, but that’s really not the case because it makes no difference if you live in the tropics or in Siberia when it comes to viruses being passed around.  In my opinion, the best way to catch a cold is to go on a long flight somewhere because back when I used to do more traveling, it was more likely than not that I would catch something.

While driving Downtown this morning, I just happened to look at one of the open grassy areas near the 19th St. SW overpass, and there stood ten female deer.  That’s all I could think of when seeing them was, “Now that means their numbers are going to be more than doubled come Spring when they’re having between one and two fawns per head.”  I know people think they’re cute, but my only thoughts regarding them is that they’re very destructive.  We have far too many making their home inside our City limits and they’re going to continue to multiply until something radical is done by our City employees to lower their numbers.  Have you noticed of late how all the more bold they’ve become?

Several days ago a tenant stopped by my office to pay rent, and since it was cash, I wrote out a receipt and handed it to her.  She had her brother with her and when looking at my receipt, she passed it to him and said, “Have you ever seen such beautiful handwriting?”  He looked at it and then turned to me saying, “Did you really write this?”  Of course I was somewhat embarrassed by such a compliment and finally answered, “Yes, I know my handwriting is of the old style, but keep in mind, I learned cursive handwriting in my third year.”  What really saddened me was when he told me that the year he was supposed to learn it, their school quit teaching it.  I absolutely could not believe hearing of a public school dropping cursive handwriting.  I don’t know if they’re still teaching it here in North Iowa, but if they’ve stopped, that’s just another example of how much more impersonal communication is becoming.

Before they left, I mentioned a recent article I read regarding ways to keep one’s mind actively creative, and one of the ways was to be more active in cursive writing.  They suggested journaling every day, writing to people instead of texting, and making a point to send handwritten letters on a regular basis to close friends and family members.  I’m the first to admit I don’t write as much as I used to, but many of those whom I sent letters to in the past are now deceased, but at least I still create handwritten notes to myself regarding my work rather than the appointments and note-taking my colleagues do with their smart phones.  It makes me sad when seeing how deeply our world has immersed itself in this digital age.

Speaking about handwriting, I thought it appropriate to send you a note via the above photo as a reminder that cursive handwriting is what makes each one of us special.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Only the very few can practice many arts with success.

Joe Chodur

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