Back to Zero

It was quite the Monday with stacked appointments along with a great deal of typing and gathering of documents that needed to be sent out in the Post today.  Fortunately I managed to make it to all my appointments on time as well as get that stack of packets in the mail before the Post Office closed.

Because of an inspector being nearly an hour late, my appointment that should’ve been only an hour ended up being well over two.  I couldn’t help but be a bit wicked with the inspector for his tardiness, but before he left, I said, “Since I was being overly hard on you for being late, you’re now totally forgiven.”   He laughed while saying, “I’m glad your over me being late, but I’m sure not.”  At least he was conscientious enough to where his office’s over-site did bother him.

One of my appointments ended up being a “no show” which really gets me boiling and all the more so when buyers don’t answer their phone when I call to ask if they’re coming.  I haven’t had that happen for some time, and I’m hoping it’s not going to get started again because several years ago it was happening quite often.  Don’t you think that’s terribly rude?

Several phone calls came in today from buyers who are planning on moving to our City, so it looks like I’ll be scheduling showings tomorrow for later this week.  One of them happens to be a person I sold a home for about twenty years ago and has now decided it’s time to move back to the area.  Thank goodness we’re going to be doing some re-populating these coming months.  I get a bit worrisome about loosing residents and not having their voids filled.

One of my clients who lives out West called today to ask how things were and of course I shared with him the horrible days we had last week with this weather.  I couldn’t believe him saying that we here in North Iowa have it much better than where he lives because we can hibernate during the cold months while he has to continue with maintenance and yard work.  Don’t think I didn’t bring him up to speed in a big hurry.  I’d take working out in the yard and garden 8 hours every day all 12 months out of the year instead of being trapped indoors while coming down with cabin fever.  I think many of the Americans who live in temperate climates have been watching too many glossed-over stories about life in the Northland.

When comparing Northeastern Iowa to North Central, there’s one huge difference which is the wind. At least out there they’re more protected by those tall hills, but in the flatlands, there’s nearly no getting away from it.  Back in the late 50’s there was a caption on a print that was made of Mason City and the writing below referred to Mason City as the “Windy City of the North”.  Whomever wrote that certainly knew our City’s weather.

I’ll be busy again tomorrow morning with a stack of mailings going out, and hopefully I won’t have writer’s cramp before I finish.  I’ve been putting it off, and for sure I’ve got to get them out in the mail this week.  Since February is such a short month, it goes by far quicker than expected.

I’m sure many have similar complaints to mine with the dry air causing hands to crack and bleed.  I’ve been working at keeping them moistened, but evidently not enough because I have about three cracks starting.  Those that open on the tips of one’s fingers are the most painful as well as embarrassing, so whether we like them or not, with it being back to zero degrees, they’ll be opening all the more.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Greed is the inventor of injustice as well as the current enforcer.

Joe Chodur

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