Trade Secret Pilferers

These next 48 hours are definitely going to be wicked with the predicted 28 – 30 below zero these next two nights which is not counting the windchill which is going to be a whole lot lower due the wind speed.  It’s been some years since we’ve seen temps drop this low and stay there, so let’s hope it won’t happen again for a good number of years.  I’m still shaking my head at it being this cold at the end of January.  It sounds like there’ll be many schools and businesses closed tomorrow due to the extreme weather which should help to keep people from going outdoors when they should be staying put.

The phones were pretty quite today which came as no surprise, but I did keep myself busy by checking on vacant homes, placing a few signs out, and making calls to remind a few of how dangerous it’s going to be these next two days.  I was outdoors this evening with my gloves on for about five minutes and couldn’t believe how quickly my fingers got to be freezing cold.

As chance would have it, one of my past clients sent me a message about how every time it gets this cold, she’s reminded of the Moll Dyer happening.  I’m sure many of you have heard the story about her death that took place back in the 1600’s.  She lived in Leonardtown Maryland where she was accused of being a witch. One evening a group of townspeople showed up at her door and forced her to leave in the night and then proceeded to burn her cabin to the ground.  Her body was found several days later half-frozen to a large boulder.  There’ve been a number of accounts of strange sightings on the land where she lived, and even a belief its soil having been cursed.  Some say her ghost remains in the area in an attempt to find and punish those who caused her death.

Her story is yet one more example of how so many narrow-minded people have caused the deaths of all the many innocent over the centuries which in turn created sites that are cursed.  I mentioned to a well known some days ago that if anyone believes there are no entities residing in homes or buildings in our City, then they’ve been living a very sheltered life, and/or in total denial.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s no way I’d live in a home where there’s been a suicide or brutal murder because I believe those houses contain energies, or should I say entities that refuse to go the light.  Some say they’re lost and can’t find their way, while others believe they remain because of a strong attachment to something within which they refuse to give up.  Now if we all believe in sacred places, then certainly there must be places that contain the opposite.

With my afternoon being somewhat free, I did have time to get the bulk of my year-end accounting finished to where that’s all I need now do is make sure all the entries were properly made along with a full review.  I have a separate file which is very small that needs to be worked on, but that won’t take more than an hour or so.  At least I can say I made it to the finish line before the end of January and hooray for me!

I just read a blurb of news about that giant Chinese cell phone and electronics company that’s been in the news, and it looks like they’re being charged with paying trade secret pilferers to steal classified proprietary information from competing companies.  Every time I hear or read about a person or company willfully engaging in the theft of research and development from others, I seethe with anger.  To me it’s just like working very hard at composing a song, writing a book, or creating a program,  and then finding some thief had crept in and stolen it and later having sold it to the highest bidder. It’s about time our United States, the European Union, along with all the other free countries in the world are putting there feet down and beginning to charge those people and companies.  No matter how you look at it, it’s plain and simple thievery and they must be punished accordingly.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The things that most people want to know about are usually none of their business.

Joe Chodur

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