Like an Opioid

This morning’s -19 degrees wasn’t the least bit welcome, but there’s nothing any of us can do about it other than endure.  While out shoveling, one of the guys that owns a lawn and snow removal service stopped for a chat.  He was in his tease mode when saying he likes this weather more than those 90+ degrees in summer.  I couldn’t help but say, “Well you’re not getting that cold when pushing snow with your blade, so I guess the temperature in your cab is more comfortable than high summer’s.”  I did get a good scornful glare out of that remark.

Since I had only two appointments today, I was able to work all the more diligently at my year-end accounting which I’m still hoping will be finished before the end of this month.  I’ll be elated when it’s over because that’ll mean I won’t have to be dealing with it for another year.

One of my appointments was a second showing of a home which is in need of painting, cleaning and a few updates.  Thank goodness the buyer has warmed up to it more now to where he can see himself living there.  I was trying to paint him a visual picture of it with different wall colors, some changes in the bath and kitchen, and a very good cleaning.  What seemed to make him like it all the more was the amount of natural light entering all the rooms.  Since it’s an older home, those larger windows sure help to bring in all the necessary light during our dark days of winter.  I did say to him, “If you like it in weather like this, you should be all the happier when it’s warm and the sun is shining.  It was amazing how all his negativity about the home changed from the last time he looked at it, which is yet another reason I encourage people to take second looks of living spaces if there’s even the slightest of interest.

While visiting with one of my customers today who was in business for a number of years, began sharing some of his stories about nasty customers who’d did everything they could to make his job miserable.  Of course I offered a few of mine which were burned into my memory banks over these many years.  He asked if I’d come to the point of “knowing” from the very beginning if there’d be issues, and my response was, “I’ve now categorized expected behaviors of people based on three or four criteria, and while engaged in conversation with them, I can usually tell if they’re falling into one of those particular pigeon holes.”  Please don’t get me wrong because I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until those certain behaviors start to manifest themselves.

It looks like Venezuela is on the verge of turning back into a democracy if their illegitimate president decides to step down.  The pain and suffering that one man is creating is just another example of how absolute power can affect the lives of millions. I’m hoping their military will finally stop supporting Chavez’s hand-picked crony.

Of course Russia and China must always defend like-minded leaders who believe they’ve been hand-picked by the Divine to rule for life.  Absolute power is like an opioid to those leaders to where no matter how much control they have over others, they still want more.  Just think of the lives of those billions of people in the world Putin and Xi have near absolute control over.  Scary isn’t it?

When finding I’d done enough office work for the day, I decided to take a short drive to a church service.  There weren’t as many people there as in the past, but not surprising considering our weather.  The readings were good and the music was uplifting which rounded my day’s religious experience.  As I was walking out, I ran into the song-leader and said, “You have a very nice voice and I hope you keep up the good work.”  Of course I had to share my name, where I live, and occupation.  It was nice hearing a soulful encouragement to return often.

It sounds like we’re to get more snow tomorrow and Monday, and certainly praying it’s not going to be as much as predicted.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  We should be obliged to appear before a board every five years and justify our existence… on pain of liquidation.

Joe Chodur

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