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It was a eye-opener this morning from that super-fine sleet which was coming down and creating road hazards.  Unfortunately I didn’t let my car get warmed up before driving off, which caused me all the more work to keep it from freezing on my windshield.  Nevertheless, I found myself driving a whole lot slower just so I didn’t happen to slide into someone on my way Downtown.

The first arrival at my office was a young gentleman looking for a place to rent in the near future.  Since there’s one coming up, I told him about it which created enough interest for him to complete an application.  I looked it over while he was there and told him I’d be getting back to him when that unit was available to be shown.

While there, he made mention several times how much he liked the looks of my office, so I figured I’d give him a nickel tour of it since he was so taken by it.  I just had to share with him the number of hours and days it took me to get the original wooden floors back into presentable condition.  I told him that I’d always wondered how a person could eat an elephant, but after working on my office, I discovered they can only be eaten one bite at a time.

After he left, I began thinking back on how much work I’ve done on my office building since taking possession of it and yet there’s still plenty left to do.  Fortunately, the worst of it’s over, so when I get back at it this year, it won’t be near the daunting task I was faced with in the beginning.  Since it really hasn’t been that long ago, I sometimes believe I’ve sub-consciously invoked a form of selective memory loss of all those hours and days of very hard work.

What really puzzles me whenever someone asks about my building, is being randomly questioned if I own the the floor above.  I know there are such things as business condominiums, but to question if the upper floor of a stand-alone building is owned by someone else seems a bit odd.

Perhaps in the future when asked that question and feeling a bit wicked, I’ll say, “No I don’t own the upstairs, but there’s some shady-looking characters coming and going all hours of the night, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re running a house of ill-repute up there.”  Of course I’ll have to back track and tell the truth, but only after having the pleasure of seeing the look on their faces.

Too much time was spent driving around the City looking for a particular type of paint I’m needing to where I finally mentioned to one of the paint store people, “I’m getting really tired of the world believing we live in the last outpost before entering the land of the unknown because it seems even Albert Lea’s Home Depot has more to offer than any of our City’s do-it-yourself stores.”  I did finally find something very similar to what I needed at Builder’s First Choice.  I continue to give them credit for the above and beyond service they provide, and believe me, I’d rather pay extra just to have services offered which are stood behind.

I’m still pecking away at my year-end accounting, and fortunately I’m now starting to see an end in sight.  It seems every year at this time I become all the more disgusted by all the extra reporting we must do with our State and Federal governments just so to prove we’re not hiding any reportable income. We all know how all the many more millionaires and billionaires play their little shell games with their assets and income so they can get away with paying little if any taxes every year.  Oh well, they’re the ones that have to live with themselves until they take their dirt naps, and then their times for real payment arrives.

While driving home this evening, I discovered how greasy the streets have become from the sleet, light snow, and rising temperatures.  At some intersections, I’d say they were worse than they were this morning.  Thank goodness we didn’t get the snow that was predicted.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

Joe Chodur

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