Six or more Inches

When hearing we’re supposed to possibly get another 8 inches of snow starting early in the morning, I’d say Mother Nature has decided to make up for all the snow we didn’t get over these past 30 days.  Having been in and out of the office a number of times, I’d say I’m already getting very tired of winter, and all the more so because we really shouldn’t be getting -18 degrees below zero that’s forecasted for Thursday.  Oh well, we only have 10 more days left in this month and I’ll be sure as “yell” glad to see it over.

I’m wondering if the full moon has been having an effect on the general population because there were a handful of people doing and saying some really off the wall things today and finding the best thing for me to do, was stay as much under the radar as possible for fear their attitudes would rub off on me.  Being around crabby people can quickly become exceptionally tedious.  I actually saved several bizarre text messages I received today and perhaps some time in the future, I’ll share them with their authors.

I set aside some time this afternoon so to grab a wet rag and my faithful broom, and broom-wipe those “cat tracks” people had left on the floor at the front of my office.  The young lady that stopped by around noon and asking about rentals, didn’t even bother to wipe her shoes and whatever type she had on, made perfect prints of every step she took.

If you were out today, you certainly realized how windy and cold it was, but it wasn’t cold enough for a cavalier young man when seeing him crossing a street in our Downtown with his drop-crotch jeans on with about six or more inches of his underpants exposed to the elements.  I’d say anyone dressing like that in weather like this has got to be a charter member of the “look at me” generation.  We certainly have a broad spectrum of young people’s attitudes towards winter; beginning with those who work at not wanting to step one foot outdoors, and ending with young men and women exposing as much of their bodies as possible, irregardless of what the weather is like.

One of my customers wanted to take a peek at that expensive foreclosure out at 11 Deer Creek Court which is listed with an agent from Clear Lake.  Oh Mercy!  That was a showing I’ll not forget.  First off, they didn’t have the walks shoveled so we had to trek thru snow from curbside to front door.

Thank goodness the heat and lights were on since many times they leave them off.  There were multiple shockers with that home beginning with its funked-up floor plan, poor workmanship, a basement that’s been stripped out due to water likely standing there for weeks after we had our 2018 flooding, and of course the copious amounts of mold and mildew still visible.

If someone were to ask me its style, I have to say it’s truly a classic Eclectic because it’s a combination of Cape Cod, Prairie School, Contemporary, and Mountain Retreat.  I couldn’t believe how poor of quality the built-ins were which made me wonder if one of the previous owners was a do-it-yourself budding finish carpenter, or perhaps a good friend whom they believed capable.  Even the door heights were noticeably different which would annoy me every time I’d look at them.

All I can say is, “Good luck” to whomever buys it because that’s going to take a very many thousands of dollars to get it back in shape.  I also mentioned to the buyers that if they purchased it, to be prepared for many cracked or broken water lines because far too often, lender re-sellers don’t get to those homes before they go thru a hard freeze.

The seller of 807 – 5th St. SE did send me a message this afternoon saying she’s accepting the offer I sent her. It always saddens me when we have multiple offers because there’s usually always a buyer or two who’ve missed out.   I immediately called the buyer just so he can now get started with his financing.  Since we’re in the slow time of sales, the loan process goes faster for buyers because the lenders aren’t backed up with their processing.

With it being the 20th of January, I’m still not seeing much for new listing coming on the market which is now becoming all the more noticeable.  I’m not sure if it’s the weather, or if more sellers are deciding to stay put.  Whatever the reasons, I’m hoping there’ll be more coming on in the following weeks.

Let’s all make sure we’re ready for the snow tomorrow along with praying the wind will go down before it starts.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Heroes of finance and commerce are like beads on a string; when one slips off, all the rest follow.

Joe Chodur

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