Everyone Chipped In

While on my way to the office this morning, my fears were confirmed by how dangerously slick the streets and sidewalks were, and mostly due to the roadways not appearing ice covered.  I would say this mornings pavement coating was about as close you could get to what some refer to as black ice.

When discovering I needed another storage bin, I took a drive out to Staples which was a bit of a mistake because the poor selection they had was a great disappointment, but since I was already there, I found one that would suffice, but definitely not what I wanted.

We all know Staples Corp. has been struggling, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mason City’s store will be the next to close.  One can usually tell if there are problems with a company when their selections grow weak and their staff not the friendliest.  The woman who waited on me looked like she’d eaten nails for breakfast and not even close to being pleasant.

As chance would have it, I ran into an old client out there who was supposed to call me this week regarding selling a property for him.  With a silly smirk, he informed me that he already sold it himself.  He likely didn’t realize how annoying he was becoming by saying all the many times how he managed to sell it himself without a Realtor.  All I kept replying was, “Good for you.”

While out on the west side and seeing it was nearing lunchtime, I decided to take in Arby’s drive-thru and pick up a fish sandwich.  I was pleasantly surprised how accommodating the clerk was to where he even asked me at the window if I’d like a bottle of water to go with my fish.  I told him it wasn’t necessary, but made sure to compliment him on his pleasantly positive demeanor.  While driving away I thought to myself, “Now why can’t everyone be as selflessly outgoing as he was?”  It really doesn’t take anymore effort to be nice, and in fact it makes for a more uplifting work experience.

For sure there are a few receptionists who should be taking lessons from that young man who’s social skills are light years ahead of all the many who are years older.  It’ll not surprise me if he goes on to do great things with his life because an out-going and selfless young person in these times is a rare commodity.

The rest of my day was spent working on accounting, scheduling appointments, and responding to more text messages which every year seem to be growing in numbers to where I’m of the belief there’ll be all the fewer people using their cell phones for voice communication.  There are several full-time agents whom I’ve not personally spoken with for at least six months or more due to their preferred mode of communications and that being texting.

When on the subject of cleanliness with a colleague today, I couldn’t help become a bit harsh with my words when he was defending someone we both know regarding that person’s attitude towards keeping things clean and organized.   I went as far as saying, “There are too many in the general public who think their living and working conditions are just OK simply because they’re both lazy along with not knowing any better.”  I’ve come to the conclusion that the bulk of such mindsets are to be blamed on parents who didn’t make their children pick up after themselves as well as not giving them weekly  cleaning duties.  Nowadays parents give their children allowances for doing nothing, but back in my generation, we had daily and weekly chores to do with zero compensation which wasn’t even expected because that’s just the way it was because everyone chipped in and performed their required tasks. Those were the house rules and were never to be challenged because we learned at a very early age that free rides bordered on being sinful.

One of my appointments tomorrow is to list a very nice three bedroom home which is in a great neighborhood and will hopefully be in a price range of buyers that are now out actively looking.  If nothing else, I’d say the lot size will create some good interest with young families.  I would personally love to have a beautiful yard like that where I’d be raising everything but cane.  Hopefully I’ll have it posted online before the end of the day, so be sure to look for it.

Tonight’s on-liner is:  No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Joe Chodur

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