Braunschweiger Sandwich

Another typical Monday arrived with the number of phone calls and drop-ins which certainly made the hours pass quickly.  In spite of my office being more than warm, it seemed every time the front door opened, there’d be a damp chill entering that took some time to dispel.  For sure I didn’t go walking anywhere with that outside air being as damp as it was.  It came as no surprise as I was driving home to find there being a light mist falling which is more likely going to turn into sleet before dawn arrives.  Please make sure you’re very careful when on the roads in the morning because if it’s a light enough ice coating, it’s usually not noticed until it’s too late.

One of my stops Downtown was to make a deposit to my trust account, and while at that bank, I scolded the teller regarding my not yet having received my December bank statement in the mail.  Her excuse was the post office which didn’t make much sense, but at least she did print a copy of it out for me while I was there.  Of course about an hour after I returned to the office, the postal worker walked in and handed me my mail which just so happened to contain that statement I’d been waiting for.   I’m of the belief that bank doesn’t run their statements thru a postage meter which is likely why the post office doesn’t get in that big of a hurry to get them delivered.

Early this afternoon I had to meet with an insurance person who’d never been to my office before.  We found ourselves talking more about old buildings than insurance, and likely because he also owns an old building which he’s been working on for the past three years.  What surprised me was the way in which he put his to use.  From what he was saying, it sounds like he finished the 1st floor and rented it to a business, and then finished off part of the second floor for his offices.  I smiled to myself when hearing that because many years ago, most insurance and real estate offices were on the second floors of Downtown businesses.   A very many years ago, the second floor of the building next door to me just so happened to be the offices of the Cerro Gordo County Health Department.   Comparing the size of that upstairs and what they’re renting right now at Mohawk Square, is staggeringly different.

It’s been told many times over the years how all the more our government agencies have grown right along with our State and Country’s bureaucracy.  Everyone talks about making sure there’s always a safety net in place for health and safety reasons, but sometimes I believe there are all the more in the general public taking too much advantage of all the freebies being offered.  I’m more of the “KISS” mindset where we “Keep It Simple Stupid” with our government agencies.

Since I had some free hours this afternoon, I spent about two of them working on my year-end taxes.  At least I did get a good start which is always an encouragement for me to continue onward until they’re ready for the accountant.  When complaining how much I hate it to one of my friends who’s an accountant, she made me laugh when saying, “It’s an acquired taste.” Well, let’s just say I consider working on taxes similar to someone trying to get me to develop a taste for braunschweiger which will never happen.  I may have a great deal of German blood in my veins, but evidently not enough to like that nasty tasting stuff.  I can’t believe they still sell it in the meat sections of grocery stores.  You would think all of those “acquired” tastes have all died off by now. My dear mother never knew that whenever she’d pack a braunschweiger sandwich in my lunch box, I’d always find some poor devil in the lunch room willing to trade his for mine.

It came as no surprise to have already had an offer emailed to me on 807 – 5th St. SE late this afternoon.  We’re quite a ways apart on price, but I’m hopeful we’ll get it put together.  It’s too bad that particular buyer didn’t see the “dead-ringer” home I had listed about two years ago because he would’ve seen what the finished product would look like. It’s always a struggle to get buyers to envision a finished product no matter how many times before they’ve been down that road.  Since I know that buyer, I’d say if he does purchase it, he’ll do a great job in bringing it back up to speed with all the other homes in the neighborhood.  There’s no question that if I didn’t have enough on my plate already, I’d purchase that home and do a “flip” on it myself.

Tonight’s one-liner is:   I personally prefer pleasant vices to an annoying virtues.

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