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It appears North Iowa is getting pounded by another Alberta Clipper, and I was so hoping it would go down with the sun, but more than likely it’ll be blowing like this all night and on into tomorrow.  From the time I was young, hearing those strong winds blowing thru the tall trees always sounded to me like waves of water hitting the shoreline of an ocean.  The more one pays attention to it, the more it really does sound like crashing waves.  I didn’t even look to see what our weather is supposed to be like this week, but I do hope it stays above average at least until we’re past the 15th of this month.

Thank goodness we did get all the rain we did last Fall, because if we didn’t there’d be a great number of winter killed trees and shrubs come Spring.  Many people who do Fall planting forget to make sure their plants are well watered before the freeze arrives because if they didn’t, their efforts are nearly always in vain.

This morning I had somewhat of an interesting showing on a commercial building where I felt more like a tour guide instead of a Realtor.  I’d say there was quite the mix of personalities and age groups with all the many more pre-ordained notions floating about. If you’d ask me how it went, I’d be forced to say, “That’s all it seemed to be was a show and tell in front of a large and somewhat dismissive audience.”  Oh well, I did my job and moved on.

I was reminded once again how people in the general public as well as within families, hold in very skewed ways, memories of the most minor of slights from their youth and carry them forward into decades.  You can be assured that holding such grudges for such long periods of time, you’ll find those events polluted to a point where they’ve grown into monstrous injustices worthy of being sent to the gallows.

Not so long ago I happened to read a letter someone had given me regarding some happenings back about 20 years ago, and when I handed it back to that person who thought it best I give it a read, I looked at her and said, “My memory, and certainly yours of that time and place does not line up with what the author of this letter is saying.”  I looked at her and said, “How can people, in such detailed fashions, turn fantasies into facts?”   If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the person who penned it was suffering from the onset of dementia.”

I keep forgetting to mention I’ve had two coyote sightings in a fortnight which is telling me their numbers are on the rise.  Not long ago I read where nearly all the metro areas around our country are being populated my them.  Those nasty creatures are yet another group from the wild that are adjusting quite well to urban living.   I did mention to a client last week when back about 20 years ago someone telling me his family’s farm in Eastern Iowa was being harassed by a pack of them, and then my telling him that if they’re out east in such numbers, they’ll sooner or later be here, and here they are.

I have absolutely no problem with red foxes, but coyotes are an entirely different story because they’re more like small wolves that’ll go after just about anything if they think they can take it down.  Foxes don’t have that “pack” mentality where coyotes do which makes them all the more dangerous.  The more there are of them, the bolder they become.  I’ll never forget a recent true story about a big dog belonging to a farmer that used to always chase one back out into the fields, but one day, his dog didn’t return because he’d chased it to a point too far where the rest of that lone coyote’s pack cleverly remained hidden until they managed to circle and attack that poor dog from all directions.  Pretty scary isn’t it?

My last appointment today was to show 38 N. Willowgreen Court.  Even though it was almost dark, the buyers seemed quite interested in it to where they did tell me they’d be calling me for another showing towards the end of the week.  I tell everyone that when buying that home, it’s more of an investment in one’s future because even in the toughest of times, that particular neighborhood has always been popular.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Everything I worry about would be better if more people would read, write and above all, comprehend.

Joe Chodur

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