Tasting of Mold

Not much was happening in real estate today other than showing another icky rental that certainly showed signs of neglect and abuse.  What leaves me always wondering about the core values of some, is when I show homes they live in that border on pig styes, and especially when they’ve had more than a day’s notice to get them presentable.

I’d be greatly embarrassed if I lived like that and some stranger would come walking thru.  Of course the mounds of dirty clothes is another pet peeve of mine when showing homes.  I’d say today’s was at least three weeks worth piled about.  Of course we all know how those damp and dirty piles begin to give off odors reminiscent of steamy locker rooms in high summer.   Oh well, everyone’s got their own form of housekeeping, and thank goodness I’m not the one having to live in those hovels.

While waiting for a client to call, I just happened upon an article online that spoke about how some people stay abnormally healthy.  The author touched on a number of things, but the one that was the most obvious, was how good health walks hand in hand with keeping hands washed, clothes and bedding regularly laundered, and above all, maintaining clean kitchens and bathrooms.

I mentioned to my buyers today a situation about three weeks ago where I’d shown a really bad foreclosure which was unbelievably filthy to where even the air was “tasting” of mold.  Well, it didn’t surprise me that I ended up with a sore throat out of it which lasted for several days.  I did receive calls from other buyers on it, and told them to call the listing agent because I refused to go back in that disgusting house that’s begging to return to the earth.

A little after noontime, I had to run over to Clear Lake to get some signatures on a contract.  While driving down their main thoroughfares, I was reminded of yesterday’s journal page.  After I wrote it, I was concerned I’d possibly been too hard on their community, but when driving thru there today, my opinions remain as they were.

After getting that contract signed, the owner mentioned how the taxes in Clear Lake seem to be always going up to where he’s also now wondering how an average person can make ends meet.  I gave him my two cents worth regarding what I believe to be some of the reasons along with mentioning my belief, that if our economy hits some heavy bumps, Clear Lake will get hit harder than Mason City because as we all know, a dollar can only be stretched so far.

Since I wasn’t in a big hurry to get back to the City, I took the long way home by zig-zagging my way thru, along with making a stop and looking at the lake for a few minutes.  It appeared as though it hadn’t frozen over enough for the normal winter activities we usually see this time of year.  I sure wouldn’t be out on that ice when knowing our temperatures have been unusually warm these past weeks.  At least there shouldn’t be much if any fish kill this winter due to these warmer weeks.

Before the sun set, I walked back out to Commercial Alley to see how the contractors were doing with getting that alley/street drivable along with the parking areas behind adjacent buildings.  I’m afraid there’s going to be quite a muddy mess to endure until that gravel gets packed and dry enough to freely drive and walk on.  Oh well, there’s not much we can do about it other than live thru it.  I personally thanked them for getting their work finished more sooner than later.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Washington is a very easy city for you to forget where you came from and why you got there in the first place.

Joe Chodur

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