Questionable Characters

In spite of the temperature not being all that cold, it was pretty darned chilly outdoors today, and we can blame the wind for making it feel all the colder.  Thank goodness I dressed all the warmer before leaving home because I was out in it more than I would’ve liked.

Around mid-morning I received a text from a near life-long friend telling me his mother passed several days ago.  There’s no question he’s going to be wrestling with some tough days ahead when knowing how close he was to his mother.  I actually knew her well enough to say she was the sweetest of ladies.  The last time I spoke with her which was about three years ago, I couldn’t help but insist that I’d be hoping and praying that I’d be as kind and caring as she was when I grew to her age.  I’m not exactly sure how old she was, but I’m thinking she was somewhere around 99 youthful years.

Just imagine what changes that woman experienced in the world around her from the time she arrived on this earth.  Having been born shortly after the end of the First World War, she would’ve been approaching her early teens during the roaring twenties, but then she would’ve suffered thru the Great Depression, the Second World War, and then likely enjoyed her years as a loving mid-century housewife.

If my memory serves me, she became a widow at a much younger than normal age, but she continued on by being the loving and forgiving person she always was.  I mentioned to her son once how lucky she was to still have a fine mind because more often than not, people of that age have memory issues.  I think what kept her mind active was her being able to stay in her home far longer than most, along with being socially active.  I do know she used to play cards with a handful of friends at least once a week.  The only physical problem I knew she had at the time was her failing eyesight.  Other than that, I’d say she was in pretty good health.

When I find out when her funeral is, It’ll be a must that I go and pay my final respects to one great lady.  As long as I live, I’ll never forget her “smiling” bright blue eyes.  As good a person she was, I’ll not be surprised if she left this earth as gently and quietly as a feather would be falling earth.

The back alley of my office looks all the more like a battleground with trenches included.  I’m hoping that contractor is going to have it all cleaned up before Spring arrives because if he doesn’t, it’s going to be one “Yell” of a muddy mess.  Several of the business owners down the block have been hot under the collar due to blocked access to the rear of their buildings.  I can say it’s been an annoyance for me as well since I can’t park in my own parking spot out back.

I’ve been getting more than the average number of commercial real estate calls these past several weeks which I’m hoping is an indication that there are people wanting to open up shop here in our fair city.  Because I’d asked, not one of those callers was interested in renting anything in or near Southbridge Mall.  When you get answers like that from business people, I’d say that’s our City’s handwriting on the wall regarding the future of that near-empty pile of bricks.  That last time I walked thru there, I was a little concerned by the number of questionable characters hanging about.  For sure you wouldn’t find me going for any daily strolls in there like some of our senior citizens have been doing over the years.

I pulled another black and white photo from that “Norge” packet dated 1933 for tonight’s snapshot.  If you look closely, there’s a young couple standing up on that cliff looking down.  Oh Mercy!  Just looking at them standing so high above, caused jolts to rush thru my legs. Someday, I’d like to visit that mountainous country with their many fjords, but for sure you’ll not find me standing on that cliff.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It’s dangerous when people are willing to give up their privacy.

Joe Chodur

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