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Today was a bit quirky for me from the get go due to my not having paid pre-Christmas visits to some near and dear ones which I should have done days ago, but at least I got my act together, made some phone calls, and off I drove.

My first stop was at a home of a familiar whom I’ve known for many years.  I was glad to find her in good spirits and ready for Christmas.  We walked a bit down memory lane while having some good laughs over things that weren’t funny at the time, but after so many years have passed, looking back created nothing but laughter.  Did you know you can even get the giggles when talking about ants?

Of course I had to be a little wicked again when recalling times when a bull-headed old gent who was related to me by marriage, would come to visit on rare occasions, and whenever he’d use my restroom, I’d have to go back in shorty after his exit and wipe up all the puddles of pee that were on the floor and sometimes sprayed on the walls near the toilet.  Of course we both got a good laugh out of my vivid recollections, but I had to add, “Why is it that men who know they can’t keep their streams pointed in the right direction, still refuse to sit down?”  It has to be some sort of rule of law for dominant males to never sit while watering their mules.

My next order of the morning was to chase down a well known who’s one of a few living in our midst who does many good things in quiet way for others.  Since I know a few of her weekend haunts, I found her at an eatery.

Today she had more of her family members gathered at the table, so instead of my being there my planned five minutes, I’d say I was in conversation with a number of them at least 45.  Just as I was leaving one of them said, “I really like you because of your sense of humor.”  I laughed while responding, “My humor is usually an acquired taste for many, but it sounds like yours was already developed before I arrived.”  My dear well known kept insisting, “You’d better not’ve put something in that card you just gave me!”  I finally stopped her and said, “I don’t HAVE TO do anything but pay taxes and die.”  Thank goodness she finally stopped.

While on my way back to the office, I made sure to place an “Open House Saturday 1:00 – 3:00 PM” rider on my for sale sign at 115 S. Connecticut.  Since there’ll be all the more traffic out and about this week, I’m hoping to have a good turn-out come Saturday. Even on my stops today, I was sure to bring up that home because of how much I’ve been smitten by it.

Another port of call I made was to pay a visit to several clients who’re exceptionally good people which in our times, calls for us to keep relationships with their likes well cultivated.  Since I’d not actually seen their new residence, I was shocked to find the site where it’s located to be breath-taking.  When I looked out their rear patio door, all I could say was, “Wow!  This place is unbelievable, and all that comes to mind is it being your hidden sanctuary.”  I was also there far longer than expected due to my having been nearly mesmerized by their views as well as chatting about our crossings of paths with relations we both know.  While driving away, you can be sure I was doing a “rubber neck” just so take in as much as possible of their landscape.   For once I didn’t have my camera with me and all the more disappointed over it while standing at their patio door.

After making a few more short stops, I headed back to the office to get some much needed on-line reporting done.  Oh if I don’t hate having to log into some of our State and Federal government’s websites.  In the past, what normally would take me about 30 minutes to complete, today’s struggles lasted nearly two hours.  I have no idea what Google Chrome has to do with our government’s online platforms because on three different sites I would get a message, “If you’re having trouble loading information, please download Google Chrome.”  What a joke!   After today, I’ve now developed some mixed dark feelings about our government’s web developers placing all their reliance on Google.

After doing some reading and reviewing of different subjects while looking for a much needed “good read”, I believe I found a book I’m going order for myself.  I read a number of scholarly reviews on it and nearly all of them were five star.  I’m convinced we all have to keep up our book skills instead of reading all that condensed stuff we find on a daily basis on our computers which is always begging for our attention.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Those who allow oppressions, share in their crimes.

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