Roots of Education

It was a bit disappointing to find it overcast along with spitting mist this morning which pretty much set the stage for the rest of the day.  So much for my wishing for blue skies and warm temps the remainder of this year.

I went out to do a final walk-thru on a property that was closing later this morning on my diamond in the rough listing which ended up being drastically reduced in price to where it became a good buy for someone looking for a winter project.

As I was walking thru it, I sensed the new buyers were going to resurrect it back to its previous glory as it had been when I sold it many years ago.  Thank goodness it was built well enough to endure the ravages of time and neglect.  There’s no question about how many hours of time and materials it’s going to take, but at least they’ve fallen in love with the home and are willing to make the sacrifices.  I can’t wait to see what it will look like come a year from now.

The closing on it went very well which I didn’t expect otherwise, and before walking out I said, “If you bring your new home back to its original greatness, you’ll be all the more assured it’ll taking care of you for many years to come.”  I did also mention how fortunate they were to buy it when they did because it appears there are now all the more investors out looking for project homes.

Around mid-afternoon I did a pre-listing on a grand home which I’m hopeful will sell quickly when considering its condition, size, and above all, the district in which it’s located.  Hopefully I’ll have it listed tomorrow and subsequently posted online for everyone to view.  If I were a young professional buyer, I’d be all over it because of the many not oft found features it  has to offer.  Of course it has my all-time favorite circle floor plan which never falls out of favor.

A colleague stopped by today for a visit simply because we’ve not crossed paths in at least six months.  I was saddened to hear that her mother is now in a nursing home due to the onset of Alzheimer’s.  Whenever I hear people speaking about a loved one who’s been diagnosed with it, my heart goes out to them when knowing it’s like loosing them one day at a time, and each day just a little bit more.

One of my dear clients had to finally give up on providing for his wife because he’d more later than sooner discovered that the stress associated with taking care of her was affecting his own health.  When visiting with him not long ago he said, “I had reservations about putting the love of my life in a nursing home, but it’s just OK now because I go over every day and spend about two hours with her which is good enough for the both of us.”  I was certainly brought up to speed regarding how easily a person with Alzheimer’s can slip out of the house and go wandering off without notice.

Late this afternoon a client stopped by after work to wish me a Merry Christmas.  We had a good long chat which touched on many subjects.  I could see on his face the affects of job stress which we also visited about.  All I could do was encourage him to look for something less burdensome and more fulfilling.  He’s just one more example of those living amongst us who’re in the wrong professions and certainly not putting to better use their education and intelligence.

We both got a good laugh today when sharing some of the examples of the weak excuses people have given us after they’ve willingly failed.  I’ve always known it to be hard to admit fault, but the weak excuses we hear on a near daily basis is just one more example of how our times have changed.  Some of them work harder at finding reasons for being faultless than it is to just step up to the plate and admit, fix, and then move on.  We both blamed it all on entitlement which has been promoted within too many families from an early age on. Oh well, let’s continue to hope they’re willing learn how to take ownership of their faults and willingly work at correcting them.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The roots of education are bitter, but its fruits are sweet.

Joe Chodur

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