White Petroleum Jelly

It certainly was a beautiful Monday as we inch all the closer to the Winter Solstice when Mother Nature decides it’s time for ouf sun to begin its march back north.  I’m hoping this coming Spring and Summer will be nothing like it was for 2018.  When thinking about all the happenings that took place this year, I’ll be happy to see January 1st roll around and nevermore have thoughts about some of the craziest of happenings that took place this year. I’m sure there are a few rolling over in their graves and if it were possible, they’d have risen up with vengeance in their hearts.  Anyone who can maintain their patience in the midst of firestorms and then afterwards still be able to forgive, will always have my vote of confidence.

In the mindset of shopping local, I stopped at Market 124 today to pick up some Christmas cards. I purchased a boxed set, and then a few others I thought more appropriate for a few well knowns.  When I got back to my office, I looked closer at the boxed set and wouldn’t you know, it read, “Designed in USA and printed in China.”  How disgusting!  I was more angry with myself for not looking before I purchased because as you know, I’m on a burn with my not ever buying anything made in that country unless I absolutely have to.  It’s making me wonder if all of our printing companies in the United States have closed their doors simply because they couldn’t compete with the Chinese.  All I can say is we’d better get back at making as much on our shores and keeping people working instead of adding all those too many to our government’s entitlement programs.

The next time I’m over at Market 124, I’ll have to kindly mention to the owner how important it is to focus on selling items that are American made, and all the better, Iowa made.  After thinking about it, I likely didn’t bother looking for the “made in” stamp because I’d already looked at the hefty price of that box. That’s what we all get for assuming.

My afternoon appointment took me up to Manly where I met with the owner of 305 W. North.  I’m a bit saddened we haven’t had an offer on it yet, but at least we’re getting showings.  There’s got to be a growing family in North Iowa who’d love to call it their home.  I mentioned to the owner, “I actually could move right into your home because it’s got all the features I’d be looking for.”  Yes, there are cosmetic improvements one would likely make, but all in all, it’s already had the big ticket improvements made.  And don’t forget about the $6K+ grant that’s given to graduating High School seniors in Worth County.

My last appointment for the day was to show a foreclosure which was just listed.  What a pile of rickety bones!  I was teasing the buyers as we walked up by saying, “The last time I was in a home that had an interior trapdoor leading to the basement, was one that had a very nasty entity living within which absolutely would not leave me alone.”

Of course it was already dark outside along with there being no heat or lights in the house, so we all had to muddle thru the showing with flashlights in hand.  What we saw was just another example of what you get sometimes when buying a foreclosure.  Buying that house would be like writing a check out for a pig in a poke, and no matter how much “lipstick” you’d put on it, it would still be a smiling lipsticked piggy.

What shocked me the most was how uneven the floors were which told me there were some real issues going on with its foundation and/or support pillars, and wouldn’t you know it, when we crawled down to the basement via that trapdoor, all the walls were showing signs of decomposition and heaving to the point of possibly being dangerous if the ground water levels were high enough to create all the more pressure on those weak walls.

While walking back to our cars I couldn’t help but exclaim as I was looking back at the house, “That house is begging to return to the earth!”  And to think some poor soul got taken big time after looking to see how much it sold for about 10 years ago.  If I were that seller, I’d be very much ashamed of myself for taking advantage of a naive homebuyer.  Many of that house’s problems have been there for many years, and getting all the worse as time passes.

In my diggings yesterday, I happened to find four very old jar lids that must’ve been used in someone’s work area.  You do remember back when they’d nail jar lids under shelves and place nails or bolts in the “mates” to those lids and screw them in?  The above photo is of those lids which I thought you’d find curiously funny.  My favorite one is Vi-Jon White Petroleum Jelly.  What a hoot!  Look at the price of that jar back then being a mere 29 cents with no Fed. tax.  Generations back, Vaseline must’ve had all the many more uses than it does now.  The Skippy peanut butter lid also makes me smile. Oh how times have changed!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It’s inevitable for us all to feel depressed, but we must never allow ourselves to sink under its oppression.

Joe Chodur

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