Eight Days Before

For sure I’m going to have my share of aches and pains tomorrow considering I physically worked nearly non-stop for about eight hours today.  But as we all know, if you want to get something done, you have to do it yourself.   As we get older and perhaps a little wiser, we find it’s best at times to just do a given job whether it’s our responsibility or not because the amount of time and stress created when trying to get someone to do something, isn’t worth the extra energy wasted and still finding a job waiting to get finished.  I’m convinced there are a few who even like to play mind games in hopes of keeping us guessing when they’ll finally show up and decide to do their jobs.

There’s no wonder all the more people are becoming jacks of all trades simply because there’re also tired of trying to get tradespeople to arrive and do their work in timely fashions.  As I’ve said before, there are not enough honest hard-working trades people in North Iowa. I mentioned to a client not but two days ago how all the more careful we must be about choosing someone to do work for us because there are enough horror stories being told about poor jobs being done and then billed beyond reason.

Thank goodness I still know a few trustworthy workers who believe in doing good jobs along with submitting fair bills when their work is completed.  You can be sure I pay those bills as soon as they arrive because I fully appreciate what they do for me.

This coming week is going to be a busy one for me because I have two closings coming up along with having to find time to do a little Christmas shopping.  It’s always been a bit difficult for me to buy presents for others due to my attempts at making sure my gifts to them are things they appreciate.  These past several years I found it easier to buy gift cards instead of racking my brain trying to think of something special for each one of them.

I haven’t even looked at our extended forecast to see if we’re supposed to have pleasant weather on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I did think about taking a flying trip out of State to visit relatives, but decided against it after seeing their current prices, so it looks like I’ll be hanging around North Iowa once again.

There are several of my favorite churches that are having Christmas Eve Services and will be thinking long and hard about which one I’ll be attending.  The one I attended last year was very nice, but some of their music was just a little bit too contemporary for me because traditional Christmas music has always been my favorite.

I’ve already been getting seed catalogs in the mail from several seed houses I’ve ordered from in past years.  I’m not sure if I’ll have a garden this coming year unless I can get a very tall fence built that will keep the deer out.  Last year, those vile creatures destroyed nearly everything that was just getting ready to be picked, and to think they did that much damage in two separate visits in the night.  If the DNR doesn’t believe we’ve got a deer problem here in River City, they’re in complete denial because I’ve personally seen herds numbering in the 20’s.  I’m waiting for one of our radio stations to set aside a daily half hour call-in that’s centered around true stories regarding problems caused by deer, coons, coyotes, crows, and opossums.  Oh, and don’t forget about those ferrel pussies running around in the night.

If any of you are looking for something different to read on a weekly basis, I advise you to subscribe to The Economist.  It comes every week, and for sure you’ll find something of interest worth reading.  Their staff reporters do a very good job of presenting non-fake news, and above all, they seem to work very hard at covering events that are taking place all around our world.  If nothing else, try a month or two trial offer.  With it being only eight days before Christmas, a magazine subscription would be something to give someone you know who likes being abreast of current events.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It is as necessary for us to live in beauty as it is to have food for our aching stomachs and rest for our weary bodies.

Joe Chodur

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